25 Holiday Movies to Watch This December

Hey y'all!

Happy official holiday season!! For a lot of people, December 1st is the official start of Christmas music and decorations.  I personally start celebrating as soon as it gets cold (so like, early November) because I absolutely love this time of year! My birthday AND Christmas is in December so why wouldn't I be thrilled about it?!

In my opinion, one of the best ways to get in the holiday spirit is to watch holiday movies! But there's nothing more annoying than having to scroll through each subscription service to find movies that are rated higher than 1 star. That's why I did some digging and made these lists to help make your search a little easier! Now you can load up Netflix (or Amazon Prime or Hulu) and get to feeling holly and jolly!

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
2. Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
3. Love Actually
4. The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix Original)
5. Christmas Inheritance (Netflix Original)
6. The Princess Switch (Netflix Original)

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
2. Happy Christmas
3. Santa Baby
4. It's Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown
5. A Mieser Brothers' Christmas
6. Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic
7. Santa Baby
8. The Rooftop Christmas Tree
9. Christmas Do-Over

Amazon Prime Video
1. Christmas with the Kranks
2. It's a Wonderful Life
3. Miracle on 34th Street
4. Daddy's Home 2
5. The Man Who Invented Christmas
6. A Christmas Snow
7. A Christmas Tree Miracle
8. Christmas Angel
9. Holiday Inn
10. Prancer

Fun fact: If you have Amazon Prime, then you have access to a TON of different shows and movies for free! If you don't have Prime, then try it here free for 30 days. Who doesn't love 2-day shipping, free tv shows, movies AND music?
What's your favorite holiday movie? Let me know down below so I can add it to my watch list this year!

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  1. Yes to all of the Christmas movies! I love that you broke them down by where you can find them. I still remember pulling out the VCR of Christmas movies each season! Crazy how now we can just get them all online!
    Happy holidays!