The 5 Best Apps to Kill Time Without Internet

Hey y'all!

It's officially the holiday season!!! Now before you roll your eyes and grumble to yourself that skipping over Thanksgiving and heading straight into Christmas is one of the most annoying things ever --- let me just stop you right there. I consider the "holiday season" to include Thanksgiving. When it's December, that's Christmas season. So don't worry your pretty little head!

But back to what I was saying, it's holiday season which means lots of traveling for most of us. If you live far from home or are planning on taking a trip, then you'll probably be flying. And unfortunately, not every single plane has wifi (..yet). So what exactly are you supposed to do with all that free time without being able to scroll through Instagram?

Well, you could listen to some podcasts. But if you're not into that kinda thing, then you've obviously stumbled upon the right blog post! I get a tiny bit anxious on planes, so I always make sure to have a few apps installed that don't require internet to access. If I'm feeling like I'm about to freak myself out, I'll put in some headphones and get to work de-stressing. I hope these can bring you a little bit of nostalgia for those OG iPhone games.

Just don't forget to download the games BEFORE you board the plane, ya know, since you won't have internet ;)