Beach Bag Essentials

Hey y'all!

Summer is sadly coming to an end soon. But my family is taking advantage of it by sneaking in a beach vacation to South Padre! The beach is one of my favorite places to go, so you could definitely call me a beach bum.

Since I like to go to the beach fairly often, I figured I should share some of my beach bag essentials!

  • A good tote - As someone who likes to take a lot of stuff to the beach, it's so important to have a big sturdy bag. This one in particular holds a ton (I'm talking like a puppy if you really wanted to) and bonus points : It's waterproof!

  • Cover up - I'm not a big fan of walking down to the oceanfront with nothing on but a bathing suit. I think a lot of people are this way! I'm not sure why it just feels weird to me. I always like to get a big t-shirt to wear as a cover-up because it's comfy and super casual.

  • Bathing suit - If you're going to the beach, this is clearly something important to bring. I usually opt for bikini's just because I think that's what looks best on my body type. But if you're not into that, there are so many cute one-piece options on the market!

  • Beach towel - Another "duh" item, but also a super easy one to forget. My family has specific towels to take to the beach since they kind of get all sandy and gross after we use them!

  • Sandals - I wear my Jacks pretty much everywhere. This sounds kind of weird, but I usually put them in the water because it makes the leather get tighter, which I prefer since they stretch out the more you wear them. So if you own a pair that is a little too stretched, try putting them in the ocean water!

  • Sunscreen - For me, it's important to have a sunscreen that smells good. It seems silly, but it's just something I look for before I purchase one! I also prefer to buy the spray sunscreens with lower SPF since I want to get tan, but not burnt. 

  • Baseball hat - I don't like my face getting too much sun exposure, so I always always always bring a hat with me. I also use it over my face whenever I decide to take a nap (which usually happens when I'm at the beach)

  • Sunglasses - The beach is always really sunny so it's important to keep sunglasses with you at all times. Especially if it's a white sand beach, the sun will reflect off of it and make it even brighter. Protect your eyes!!

  • Water bottle - Hydration is key. Bring a cute water bottle with you to keep encouraging you to drink up.

  • Bluetooth speaker - Playing music is a great thing to do at the beach because it drowns out the sounds of kids screaming and seagulls cawing.

  • Books and Magazines - I like to bring a few books I've been too busy to read plus a few gossip magazines! Reading is a great way to pass time.