April Favorites

Hey y'all!

Tomorrow I start my very final month of high school. Boy, this year has flown by. It is so crazy to think that in less than four months, I will be beginning my freshman year of college. I keep telling my parents how scary it is that I am going to be attending school with 'grown-ups'.

Anyways, let's get on to the reason for this post. Here are a few of my favorite things this month!

Introducing My New Hair

Hey y'all!

In case you haven't noticed, my hair is all one color for once. Three hours and a few hundred dollars later, I am back to having my natural color! Although the price tag wasn't ideal, it was definitely worth it. It's nice not having to worry about touching up my roots and it's even nicer knowing I don't have to spend my money on my hair coloring.

Just thought I should update y'all with a few new pictures!

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Game Plan

Hey y'all!

If you're an avid Lilly lover like me, you will have had this Sunday's launch date marked on your calendar for MONTHS. I know this is a controversial topic but I, for one, am very excited that Target X Lilly Pulitzer have put together an affordable line for all shapes and sizes. My very sweet mother is going to take on the challenge of Target with me. So here are the items I plan on grabbing first!
Shift Dress in See Ya Later $38

Shift Dress in Fan Dance $38

Halter Top in Pineapple Punch $26

Challis Pompom Shorts in Upstream $24

Gold Sandals in Pineapple $30

Wedge Espadrille Sandals in Gold $36 (Online Only)

Round Top Clutch in Noise Posey $9

What items are you thinking about purchasing? Let me know below!

Lust List #2

Hey y'all!

In case you haven't noticed/haven't had the time to creep on my blog yet, a Lust List is just a list of some of the many items on my wish list. Click here to see what I have previously posted! (Oh, and I won't complain if you feel the need to purchase any of these items for me!)

Cowboy Boot Charm Bracelet
Alex & Ani bracelets are extremely popular right now, and there are no questions why! With hundreds of different bangles (from MLB to novelties) to choose from, they are the perfect gift for any girl. They also won't rob your bank account with the simple bangles starting at only $28. 

'le pavillion' iPhone 5 & 5s case
I may or may not have a slight addiction to phone cases. Currently, I am using a Lilly Pulitzer one but I have been eyeing this beautiful kate spade one for the past week or two. I absolutely love the clear phone cases but the gold polka-dots would just match perfectly with my gold iPhone (yes, I'm a basic white girl).

Zip Away Small Jewelry Organizer in Teal Stingray
I recently purchased the everyday travel case in teal stingray (currently on final sale so get it while you can!) and now I would really like to add this one to my Kendra Scott collection! The color and faux leather are absolutely stunning. It seems that I have been traveling a bit more than usual and honestly, it is such a pain having to untangle the mess of earrings and necklaces when arriving at your destination. Organization is a must for me so this would help a tremendous amount.

To me, this shirt screams SUMMER. The color would look so beautiful with a tan. Just imagine throwing this on right after coming back from a day at the beach. Comfy yet adorable, this shirt is right up my street! Love this tee as much as I do? Shoot me an email and let me know! I'll help you out with some promotional codes.

What's on your Lust List? Let me know down below!

5 Lessons I've Learned From Gossip Girl

Hey y'all!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have heard of (or binge-watched) the television show Gossip Girl. The show is filled with drama, some-what unrealistic situations and well, more drama. Although some of the episodes are a little over the top, it does actually hold some value.

Think about your decisions and actions before making them.
Starting a fight, spreading gossip, and going with peer pressure can affect the rest of your life. What may seem like a good decision now can actually ruin your future. Just take a deep breath and ask yourself, "Would I approve of what I'm doing in five years time?".

It gets better.
Although it is quite impossible to escape gossip and mean girls for the rest of your life, situations will pass. Sometimes your life may seem like it's falling apart and it's the end of the world. But in a few years or even months, you will look back on a certain time period and realize how overly dramatic you were being.

Goals are meant to be accomplished. 
Too often, girls set aside their goals in order to focus on something else (usually a lot less important things). Don't let this happen! The end result will be so wonderful and beneficial. Remind yourself of why you wanted it so bad in the first place.

 Do not settle for anything less than you deserve. 
This is so important. Everyone should be treated with love and respect. If a person is not willing to recognize how important and special you are, they are not worth your time.

Okay, this may only apply to bloggers, but oh goodness this is so me. I just had to add it!

My all-time favorite episode has to be when Chuck and Blair get married. It's so lovely to finally see them commit (even if it is in an imperfect situation). But, my favorite character is Nate. He is so sweet and naive. Definitely the most down to earth guy in my opinion.

Who's your favorite character? What's your favorite episode?