My Favorite Vegan Recipes You Have to Try!

 Hey y'all!

I have been vegan for a looooong time now. It's still just as easy as ever! My fiance, Michael, says I used to be one of the pickiest eaters that he had ever met (I'll admit that I was the girl who got chicken tenders at every single restaurant we went to).

It's Time to be Better

Hey y'all!

I'm embarrassed to say that I've never used my blogging platform as a way to fight racial injustice. I have a pretty decent (and very loyal 💓) following, so why wouldn't I use my voice?

What I Read in August

Hey y'all!

I mentioned in my May favorites post that I've been a total bookworm lately! I personally love thrifting my books because it's so exciting to finally stumble upon one of the books on your "must-read list" for only a buck.

But in the month of August, I actually purchased a book to read along with my thrift finds. I love getting new suggestions so here are just a few of mine!