Lust List

Lust List Blog Post

Hey y'all!

Recently, I have been adding a crazy amount of things to my 'LOVE' board on Pinterest. Mostly clothing and jewelry in bright colors and fun patterns. What can I say? I'm a typical Southern white girl who is daydreaming about the return of Spring.

Plus, I've had my eye on Lilly Pulitzer's new Spring line (seriously, this season's prints are fabulous)! My personal favorites are "In the Garden" and "Sunny Side".

Truth be told, I already bought the January Skort which features multicolored lion patches. 78$ later, and I still have absolutely no regrets. I got it in a size double zero--which was surprising because normally in Lilly shorts I wear a size 2 or 4. Let me tell you, this skort literally fits me perfectly. It feels like it was MADE  for me. Absolutely the best purchase I have ever made.

Four Wheels and Good Feels

Hey y'all!

Friday, the 21st, was my sister's 19th birthday. Our family friend owns a ranch so all 8 of us-- Becca, Buck, Jana, Lenore, Dave and I, plus the two pups--headed up there on Friday. It's such a beautiful place with a pond and tons of land. Plus, it's nice and quiet.

The best part? No cell phone service. It's the perfect excuse to not have to deal with anyone. Not that I don't love interacting with people, but sometimes it can be nice to not have to constantly respond to someone.

3 Quotes Everyone Needs to Read

Hey y'all!

Since we're all friends here, can I just be real for a minute? These past few days have truly not been the best. In fact, the entire month of February has not been my favorite. I haven't really been feeling like myself much at all.

When I'm down in the dumps, I like to keep myself preoccupied. Some of the things I like to do include:

Hang out with real friends - The reason I used the word real is because we all have those friends that will let us cry for hours and just vent about life. Or they may be the person who tells you exactly how it is and you know that's what you need. I always consider if I need to be babied or realistic, then go from there on which friend to consult with.

- Write - Journaling is such a great way to get out feelings! It might feel silly, but I'll give you a few ideas to get you started! Some examples are a letter to someone (maybe someone you are mad at, haven't talked to in a while or who has passed away), advice to your past self, or even just a simple rundown of your day. If you want prompts, you can purchase a daily journal -- this one lasts for 5 whole years! I find that this is a great method to let go of frustrations and anger. Plus it's something you can do anywhere at any time since it's calming and quiet.

- Sleep - This is an obvious one. I think we can all agree that we have days where the best solution is to just go home, draw the blinds, lay down and curl up in your sheets. Definitely, don't spend all of your free time doing this, but somedays it's just necessary.

- Spend time with family - I think this one is very underrated. I know I argue with my parents sometimes, but in all honesty, my parents are my best friends. When I'm sad, they usually know how to fix it. We'll bake, watch movies or play video games. It's nice not having to worry about anything else.

What Makes You So Special?

Hey y'all!

Okay, so the title of this post sort of sounds like a first grader taunting another child. Forgive me for that, but I could not for the life of me think of another name. Plus--it goes along well with what I want to blog about today.

What makes a person special? 

It seems vague and confusing and leaves lots of room for comments. But it's a serious question. Why are you important? Why are you valuable? What makes you different from the person next to you?

Some people may say it's their attitude about things or their outlook on life. Maybe something about how they were raised or where they grew up. The people around them have influenced their lives in positive (or negative) ways and that has shaped the person they became.