Life Updates

Hey y'all!

Long time, no talk, right? The month of August has been beyond crazy for me, and I didn't have as much time as I would have like to devote to my blog. I really didn't want to post content that I wasn't proud of, so I just decided not to post anything at all.

Sometimes I forget that I'm not friends with all of my readers on Facebook, but I thought I would update everyone as to what I've been up to!

Coping With Loss
Late July, my grandfather passed away. Unfortunately, part of life is learning how to cope with a loss. Although I didn't get to see him as much as I would have liked to since he lived in Scotland, I would still consider myself close to him. I posted about losing a family member on Instagram, and I was overwhelmed with the responses I received. It was such an amazing feeling knowing how loved I am by people who might not even know me in real life.

Sorority Recruitment
If you're new here, I'm in a sorority. I absolutely love being a theta but in all honesty, recruitment isn't the most fun thing in the world. When you're a PNM, it's amazing, but on the other side, it's really exhausting. But, I managed to make it through another year.

This years was so much better than the last year though. I made some amazing new friends (because being in sorority with over 300 girls, it can be hard to know everyone), and I'm honestly so so thankful for my sisters.

After a very long week, we welcome 192 new members into the theta house!! 

Junior Year
On August 23rd, I started my third year of college at the University of Alabama. This sounds so cliche but it feels like just yesterday I moved into my dorm room as a freshman. I'm currently on track to graduate a semester early, so that means that this time next year, I will be entering my very last semester of college. Can you say YIKES?

I'm really looking forward to this school year though! I'm taking a few social media classes, so be prepared for my game to be on the next level. I really hope I can learn some new stuff that will be useful for sharing with my readers!

Wedding Weekend
My sister got married on August 26th. That feels weird to type out, wow. I was her maid of honor (duh). It was a smaller sized wedding in Dallas, Texas. It was all fun and games until my boyfriend and I's flight got canceled to fly back home to Alabama. Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, we had to rent a car and drive all the way back to the Birmingham airport to pick up my car, then all the way to Tuscaloosa.

I have a more detailed Facebook post that talks about ways you can donate money to people who are in need of it after the devastation Hurricane Harvey has caused. I'm so thankful that my family is okay, but I know there are so many others that need help.

Anyways, this has really been one of the craziest months for me in a long time, and I'm ready for things to start to go back to normal. Although I've enjoyed my summer, I'm SO ready for football season and fall weather. Get ready for some exciting new fashion posts!


Stripe Embroidered Dress

Hey y'all!

I never thought I'd consider myself a "dress person". In complete honesty, 99% of the time, you can find me in nike shorts and an XL t-shirt (aka why I don't call myself a fashion blogger). I'm all about comfort.

While I was frantically searching for a dress for sorority recruitment, I stumbled upon this little number. It's made of a nice thick linen material so it's not see-through at all! I tried it on and I knew that I had to add it to my closet right away. Bonus points for the fact that I can even wear a sports bra underneath it and you can't even tell.

I've worn this dress so many times already! It's seriously perfect for running errands in because it's so comfortable and doesn't wrinkle at all. I plan on getting a lot of wear out of this dress because it can easily be dressed up or down. I can totally imagine this with a pair of white converse and a crossbody bag. The options are endless.

Although I couldn't find the link to the exact dress, I have linked some other affordable options that are very similar to mine!



Why I Went to College Out of State

Hey y'all!

I love my school. I love it so much. I'm the annoying girl who brags about how amazing it is, how great our programs are, how beautiful the campus is, and how talented the football team is 😉. If you're new here, then you wouldn't know that I go to the University of Alabama

Since my family still lives in Texas, it's a 10 hour drive or an hour and a half plane ride for me to go home, which really isn't that bad. I personally really enjoy long distance driving but my dad always tries to make me stop halfway. And flying is great, except for the fact Birmingham airport is tiny so you have to shell out big bucks for a ticket.

I'm sure you're wondering how did I find out I wanted to go to the University of Alabama when I lived in Texas? Well, thanks to football, I was able to find my dream school.