College Wardrobe Essentials

Hey y'all!

I love writing college posts on my blog. I know that I was definitely searching for thousands of pins before my freshman year looking for any information I could! I've already done Shoe Essentials Every Collegiate Needs, and I figured it was about time for a follow-up post.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you don't need to overpack clothes in college. If you're planning on joining a sorority, then definitely don't take a ton of t-shirts with you to school. You're going to end up with plenty! I've compiled a list of essential wardrobe items that you should consider taking to college with you.

Don't waste precious space in your car by taking old t-shirts with you to college. Instead, try to only pack the essentials that I have shared in my blog post! Your closet will be full, but not overflowing, and you'll never feel like you have nothing to wear! | texasweettea

5 Cleaning Products Everyone Needs + FREE Cleaning Checklist

Hey y'all!

So am I totally a mom yet for doing a blog post about cleaning products? Probably. I actually came up with this post idea while I was cleaning my apartment. Whenever I first moved in, I didn't really know what products I would need or what would actually work, and my mom wrote me a shopping list that she swore by. So without further ado, here are the products that I always keep on hand for cleaning!

Cleaning can be confusing. Let me help you make it simple by downloading a FREE cleaning checklist! | texasweettea

My Top 9 Frequent Flyer Essentials

Hey y'all!

Guess who just booked her trip for spring break! (If you didn't guess me, are you feeling okay?) Michael and I are going to fly into Houston, drive up to Dallas with my parents, and even spend a day in Austin. I absolutely love Texas, just like most Texans do. We can't help that we're from the best state!

Planning on getting away this spring break? Pick up a few of my frequent flyer essentials to help make it the best traveling experience you've ever had!