I'm turning into a 'Facebook Mom' (and I'm okay with it)

We all know a "Shannon". She has at least two kids, is over the age of 40, and is constantly on Facebook. She shares every article (even the ones that clearly aren't true) and feels the need to post a status update at least once a day. She may even post the occasional "relaxing with some wine" status. Anytime she writes ANYTHING, it's followed by a million exclamation or question marks, because, we get it Shannon...you're a very excited person. With lots of hugs and kisses and even a few LOL's, she always feels the need to note how grown up you look in your profile picture. Your timeline is probably constantly clogged with her crap comments, but for some reason, you just don't have the heart to delete her. (And let's be honest, you're always guaranteed a like on your profile pic)

My friends and I have this running joke where we comment on each other's walls or pictures with things like:

Yes, this post is a joke but...

I might actually be becoming a "Shannon". In high school, I avoided Facebook like the plague. The only reason I had one was in case I needed to do some creeping.

But, college has changed me into an old woman who results to scrolling through her timeline when she has nothing better to do -- or better yet, is avoiding her responsibilities. After any event, I upload all the cute (some not-so-cute) photos, share any story that might even be a tiny bit relatable, join random groups that I know nothing about, and most importantly, I share cute videos of dogs.

Is this a bad thing? To my Facebook friends, maybe! The endless sharing of BuzzFeed articles and sorority competitions may even make some people want to remove me. And to that I say, go for it! If you're offended by a pug wearing a sombrero or finding out that I would be Elsa thanks to some Disney princess quiz, then I don't need your kind of negativity in my life. And hey, the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

So to my fellow Shannon's of the Facebook world, share and comment on everything, my friends.

Campus Style OOTD

Hey y'all!

Just like every typical sorority girl, this is my outfit for going to class. A big comfy t-shirt, Nike shorts (or leggings if it's cold) and my favorite tennis shoes! It makes it super easy to just roll out of bed, throw on and get going.

But I have some very exciting news for y'all! I am now a brand rep for Miss Lucy's Monograms. And better yet, they have a sale going on for this exact shirt! For each shirt purchased (because who doesn't need more than one, right?), you will receive $6 off of $26. Just make sure to use my code PROMO119. Hurry though! This sale ends February 28th at midnight.

Missed the sale? Don't worry! You can use my promo code MLM119 for 10% off your entire order at any point in time!


The Best Boutiques in Tuscaloosa

This is my absolute favorite place in t-town to shop at. Wrap necklaces, piko tops, and button front skirts? They've got all of that and more! They definitely do a great job at keeping up with the latest trends for a good price. If you're ever looking for a game day dress, you won't be disappointed. Make sure to mention that you follow them on Instagram for a discount on one full priced item!

Located in Downtown Tuscaloosa, I believe this might be the sister store of Market House. They have a lot of the same items! Again, they are an extremely affordable choice for a college student budget, and they also offer the same discount if you mention that you follow them on Instagram!

I'm sure if you lived on campus your freshman year, you will be more than familiar with Ellie. Since it's located on The Strip, it is a bit more expensive than the off-campus stores. You're definitely paying extra for the convenience. Even though the store is on the smaller side, there are still a lot of cute options in a variety of sizes available. Their Instagram always does a great job of showing what they have in stock, so be sure to follow them.

A photo posted by Altar'd State (@altardstate) on

Even if you don't live in Tuscaloosa, Altar'd State is bae. Our local store is located in Midtown Village. While it is on the pricey side, I think they have good sales (BOGO 50% most of the time). I cannot rave about it enough. It's a boho chic kind of style, but it has pieces for every type of girl. They also have some really adorable home decor! It is a low-key Christian based store, which I personally love. 

Their insta bio states "a vintage feel with a western flair" and boy, are they right! With a lot of leather, studs and of course, cowgirl boots, you'll be set all football season long. Being from Texas myself, the second I stepped into The Gypsy Spur,  I felt right at home. I would definitely say it is on the high-end side of boutiques, so keep that in mind! The boutique is located in Downtown Tuscaloosa.

Whether you live in Tuscaloosa or you're just visiting, let me know if you stop at any of these stores or if I forgot one of your faves!

A Fresh Start

As I'm sure you noticed, I decided to take a month break from blogging. I felt as though my content was weak and I wasn't really enjoying it as much as I used to. I've also realized a few other things about my blog that I'm no longer in love with.

Since I have come to college, I am no longer this 'preppy' girl. Don't get me wrong, I still love my Lilly. But I never have the opportunity to wear it anymore. And because of that, my style has changed.

I'm not sure how, but I am hoping to evolve my blog to match my style. Please bear with me in the next few weeks while I try to find my niche and change my layout. I hope that you will continue this journey with me and watch as my blog changes to now reflect who I am as a person.

My blog URL will remain the same, however, so do not fret!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog. Hopefully, I will be back on a weekly schedule!