My 2018 Christmas Wish List

Hey y'all!

One of my favorite things during the holiday season is to peruse other people's wish list. Maybe it's the nosiness in me or maybe I'm just looking for some inspo for my own list, but I could watch wish list videos for hours!

I thought that I would share my 2018 Christmas wish list for my girlies like me. So whether you're nosey or clueless, I've got you covered! One thing I have noticed is the older I get, the more practical I get with my gift-giving and asking. I look for pieces that will last me for a long time, but also still throw in a few little "cheaper" gifts as well! I also am a big believer in home decor for Christmas presents instead of clothes. It's a lot more personal in my opinion, and you don't have to worry about returning something if it's the wrong size ;)

Fun fact: I actually already received the Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Vacuum for Christmas! My parents gifted it to me early since I will be spending Christmas day with Michael's family in Ohio. If I had to tell you one thing that you absolutely NEED, it would be this! Having no cord is a game changer, and it's great at cleaning up pet hair!! It's obviously an investment, but it will last for many many years to come! You can't beat the quality of a Dyson!

Also, I made sure that this entire list was shoppable using Amazon, and most of the items are Prime! If you don't already have Prime, try it out here free for 30 days. 2-day shipping just in time for the holiday season!
What's on your wish list this year? Let me know down below!


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  1. Glad you’re enjoying your Christmas gift. Will have to have a spy at a few of your other suggestions too!