5 Money Mantras for the New Year

Hey y'all!

A new year always brings around new goals. My goal for this year is to make and save some major $$$. Being financially responsible isn't always easy at a young age, but my parents really enforced good money habits in my sister and me. 

My husband and I are really lucky to say that we only have one "debt" of his car payment. We never carry over a credit card balance and I make it a priority to save a large portion of our paychecks each month. It makes me confident for our future knowing that if something were to happen, we would be okay financially.

I've talked about the law of attraction and manifestation on the blog before. Basically, the more you see/talk/think about something, the more likely you are to bring it into reality. It's like passing Starbucks every day on the way to work...you can't help craving a Venti Coldbrew. You see it. You crave it. You want it. But if you started going the other way and avoiding the Starbucks line altogether, you may save yourself some money and avoid the caffeine jitters. Thank U, next.

Since my goal this year is focusing on abundance and money, I thought I'd share the mantras I'll be using, as well as some tips to help you manifest the big bucks for yourself.

My ~abundance~ tips
  • Donate when you can: How do you show the Universe that you're grateful for everything you have? You give back to those with less than you. And you do it OFTEN. Find something you're passionate about and set up a monthly donation. Or switch it up and pick a new one every time. Just remember that what goes around comes back around!
  • Know when to say no (and yes): Life is about enjoying yourself! It's good to set long term and short term financial goals, but don't let the fear of money control your mindset. You could die tomorrow and money is useless to you in the afterlife (probably). Always turning down things that might cost you some money may cause you to miss out on an experience that would have brought you so much joy. A treat every now and then can keep you happy, healthy, wealthy, and most importantly - thriving.
  • Get financially literate: I'm always working on this one because I feel like I never received a basic economic education while in school. But I really recommend readings books and following people online that align with your goals. Some people believe that credit cards are evil. Others believe that living in frugality means you can retire by 35 (aka F.I.R.E.). My personal favorite follow is Mrs. Dow Jones who keeps it real with memes and velour tracksuits. 
  • 50-30-20 rule: The basic rule is to divide up after-tax income and allocate it to spend: 50% on needs, 30% on wants, and sending 20% right into savings. 
  • Open a High-Yield Savings account: If you're a person who spends every last cent in your bank account (and honestly, even if you're not that type), look into opening an HYS account. Having an account separate from your checking account can be a great "out of sight out of mind" situation. As the ever so fabulous Mrs. Dow Jones explained in one of her recent videos, an HYS account can be used to help diversify your portfolio. It's great for emergency funds, short-term goals, or large purchases you see yourself making in 5 years or less. 
Have a money mantra that you love? Or a hot finance tip that I can benefit from? I'd love to continue this conversation with you in the comments. Let me know what your thoughts are!


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