How to Create a Vision Board to Help You Live Your Dream Life

Hey y'all!

A new year means new goals!! I have BIG plans for my 2019, and I hope you do too! My mantra for 2018 was to grow and be happy. I really like to think that, although it was vague, I did a great job of exploring things that interested me as well as letting go of things that were not meant for me.

I spent this weekend planning out a vision board for this new year, and I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you exactly how a vision board can help you live your dream life!

How does it work?
A vision board can be described as a place to host your wildest dreams until they come true. It sounds crazy, right? I promise that it's not. And it works! You may not consider yourself a visual person, but visualization is the key to achieving what you want. 

Let me make this as simple as possible. You know how every time you open the freezer and see that cookies and cream ice cream sitting there? And then you think about it for the rest of the day because you want it so badly. But then once you finally eat it, you forget about it until the next time you open the freezer? Well, yeah. That's basically how a vision board works. You put the things you're dying to have in life (not just material items, happiness, and good vibes are other great options too), put them somewhere that you'll see every single day so that you can remember "oh hey, yeah I want that". Then you'll want it so much MORE, that you'll keep going in life until you have it. Because we all want a scoop of that ice cream goal-crushing feeling.

Where do I put it?
As mentioned in the ice cream example above, you're going to want to SEE your vision board to get the full effect. Are you a foodie, so you're always in the kitchen? Consider placing it on your refrigerator so everytime you reach for your almond milk, you can reinforce the fact you want to earn more money this year. Do you work 9 to 5 in a standard cubicle? Frame your vision board and put it on your desk. Not only will it inspire you to live your best life, but it's also a great conversation starter! Put it somewhere that you can't ignore! Just like Galantis says in Peanut Butter Jelly, "visualize it".

How do I make one?
Start by asking yourself some simple questions. What do you need in life? What do you want? What goals do you have for yourself? Think of these questions in relation to your personal relationships, career, home, travel, personal growth, and health. 

Make a list of the things that come to mind so that you can reference specifics when you start creating. Focus on how you want to feel, rather than what items you want to own. It's okay to go for aesthetics, but also make sure the images and words you choose mean something to you.

Then make your decision. Digital or handmade? 

If you're a tech gal, then consider loading up photoshop or canva to design a desktop wallpaper or your lock screen image. You can either google specific things you're looking for, scroll through Tumblr or Pinterest, or even create your own graphics! Get creative and ~inspired~.

Here's a quick example of something that I made on canva! It's easy to use and completely free.

If you're a DIY queen (or if you own a pair of scissors), then you can choose to craft your own vision board by hand! You'll need a poster board, some glue/tape, and markers if you want to get real fancy. Make use of Pinterest or old magazines you have laying around the house to find things that make you feel some type of way.

I personally picked up a couple of magazines and went to town with my scissors! It's a little more of an adventure to search for things that inspire you, rather than to be able to just search on google. But to each his own!!

The key thing to note is that there's no wrong way to create a vision board. You don't have to have a color scheme or lay it out before you glue it down. Make it what you want, because it's supposed to be fun and inspiring to look at!

Now what?
Now, let the law of attraction take effect! Visualize the things on your board. Imagine you having them and feeling the things that you want. Your dream life is going to happen as long as you truly believe that you deserve it. And you DO deserve it! It can take time, and things can appear in your life without even realizing it. Take time to be grateful for the things that you have and the things that are coming to you.

Now go create your vision board to help you live your dream life!


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  1. I really like the idea of placing it on the refrigerator so you see it all the time. Great post!