The Lazy Girl's Best Hair Accessories

Hey y'all!

I'm a big advocate for messy buns. And I'm a big advocate for being lazy. Those two things go hand in hand, right?

As much as I love messy buns, I have pretty thick hair so they don't last on top of my head for as long as I'd like. So today I'm going to be sharing with you what accessories I use whenever I'm not rocking my favorite messy bun!

Kind of obvious but my #1 go to accessory on an extra lazy day is a baseball cap. You can hide your oil roots (or just a bad hair day), but can still look super cute and chic! I like this cap in particular because of it's muted tone and simple logo design. It definitely won't clash with anything you're wearing so you won't have to put too much thought into your outfit either!

I think at some point, everyone has owned those fabric hair ties that "don't crease your hair". I'm not sure about you, but for me, they definitely left a mark in my hair. So when I first found out about this product, I was a little hesitant. During class one day, my friend let me borrow her hair tie, and let me tell you, it was amazing. Not to mention, it doesn't leave a deep indent on your wrist if you choose not to have it in your hair. Just don't forget to get it back from the person who you let borrow it!

Instead of covering yourself in perfume and layer on the deodorant, purchase a shower cap! They're a huge life saver when it comes to a day where you know you need to shower, but your hair doesn't need it. Every girl should have one, but I've recently found that a lot of my friends don't! I promise you won't be sorry picking one up. 

This is such a fun and trendy piece! I've seen a ton of fashion bloggers wearing scarves in their hair, and it looks adorable. It also has multiple uses. For example, you can tie it around your purse for a cute and unique flair. Can we also admit that this totally gives off the Blair Waldorf vibe? Who doesn't want to feel like their in Gossip Girl?

Here's to all my lazy girls! Just because you don't feel like getting dressed up, doesn't mean you can't look put together.

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