Study Tips for Your Best Semester Yet

Hey y'all!

I'm always constantly asking my friends for study tips. Is it just me or did high school completely not prepare me for the amount of studying that college requires? Not that it's hard, but it definitely takes time to learn how to study effectively.

Now that I'm a junior (wow that's still really weird), I'd like to think I can give some sound advice on some really great study tips. Everyone is different, so something to keep in mind is that you can pick and choose what you want to do or even do a combination of all of these tips!

Turn off all distractions (phone, laptop, etc)
I'm actually really bad at this, especially if I have to use my computer to study. So if you're like me, try using apps that reward you for staying off your phone, and consider using a lockdown browser so that you won't end up online shopping when you should be studying for psych.

Read the book before you go to class
This is kind of obvious, but most professors expect you to read the chapters they assigned. That way when you go into class, they're reviewing the material you already read, instead of you just hearing about things for the first time. So yes, you might have to read 40 pages, but at least you'll have an understanding of the topic before class! 

Create a realistic study schedule
By studying the same topic at the same time (and the same place) every week, you'll be able to create a schedule that's easy to remember and will hold you accountable for looking over your notes. I recommend purchasing a planner and writing everything down. 

Use color coding
Color coding is something I hold very near and dear to my heart. My planner is completely organized by color coding and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's so easy to do the same with notes. For example: blue pen = vocab word, pink pen = important information, green pen = date or time period, etc. Whatever works best for you!

Make use of flash cards / quizlet
Before you go typing out 100 vocabulary words, search quizlet to see if someone in your class has already made a flashcard deck. It'll save you precious study time. OR if you really need to memorize the facts, then I would recommend actually handwriting flash cards. You know what they say, writing is the best thing for memorization!

Don't waste all of your time studying for your english exam when you know you have a really hard math exam the next day. It's a common thought that you should use your time equally to study for different classes. I'm not saying don't study at all, but don't feel bad if you end up using more time for a different subject.

If you have any other tips that you think are helpful, leave them down below! Happy studying friends!



  1. laughing at your 'read the book' tip because I totally could have used that before my class fail, lol
    xo, hannah

    1. I hate to admit it because I totally do the same. Oops!
      - Sarah

  2. I'm not a student anymore but prioritizing and color-coding are still very much a part of how I complete assignments on time. Great tips!