Sit Down with Sarah | Vol. 2

Hey y'all!

Another week, another SDWS. I couldn't believe the amount of positive feedback I got from the last one! There's seriously no better feeling than when you guys tell me you appreciate things I've written. Even my dad said he liked reading it and it felt like I had a secret life (even though I FaceTime him at least twice a week).

I didn't have too much to do this week, and honestly, a lot of my classes got canceled for some odd reason! I'm not really complaining though. It gave me some time to work ahead on assignments and homework. In fact, I felt quite productive this week, even though my planner had to be reworked. What can I say? Color-coding is my guilty pleasure.

Besides all that, I still have quite a few things to share with you so without any more rambling, let's get started with SDWS #2!

1. College Game Day
Last Saturday was the first home game of the season! Although we didn't play a very exciting team (sorry fresno state), I still absolutely love game days. Is it bad that one of my favorite parts is getting to pick out a cute outfit?

I usually go for something a little dressier, but since it was a casual game day, I went opted for a tee, denim skirt, and converse look. My feet definitely thanked me for not wearing wedges like normal. I can't wait to watch the Crimson Tide kick some more butt this weekend against CSU. Roll tide!

2. F𐩑R𐩑I𐩑E𐩑N𐩑D𐩑S
I always have to have a show that I'm binge-watching on Netflix. I personally always have a show on whenever I'm cooking, studying, or eating. For the past week, that show has been Friends! Although I've seen a lot of episodes, this is actually my first time watching every single one of them in order. My personal favorite character is Joey, and so far my favorite episode is "The One with the Prom Video".

3. Hunter Boots
At the beginning of this week, it was so rainy and gloomy so I was very happy to have these bad boys to help me out. If you've ever thought about getting a pair, I totally recommend them! They're super comfortable to wear all day, they don't make your feet super sweaty, and they're not a pain in the butt to take off. Add this to your Christmas wish list asap!

4. Chuy's Tex Mex
I love love love Tex-Mex food. Michael and I usually go to Chuy's once a week because they accept Bama Cash so it's basically a "free" meal -- and well, it's also delicious. Being away from Texas makes me miss good Mexican food, but Chuy's does a pretty good job at temporarily filling that whole in my stomach heart. If you're wondering what I get, I order the bean and cheese burrito, with no cheese. The one time I said just a bean burrito, there was cheese in it, so I learned to be specific!

Last night was a date party for my sorority. Because my boyfriend works, we usually don't go because I feel bad making him stay out late when I know he has to get up early the next morning. Since Color Crush is one of the most fun themes, we decided we should act like college kids for a night. We had such a fun time and we even managed to make it to bed before 2! 

So that's just a quick reflection of my week and all of the stuff I've been loving lately! See ya again this time next week for another SDWS!


  1. I am also currently watching FRIENDS from beginning to end. I will sit in my apartment alone and bust out laughing, which is kind of awkward but it's fine. Anyways, loved the read! keep it up!

    1. I love it so much! It really does make me laugh out loud too! Thanks so much for your sweet words Kelsy!


  2. I love Friends!! I've seen those episodes way too many times to count. Thanks for sharing!