5 Reasons Why Sisters are the Best

Hey y'all!

Exciting news! Disney's Frozen  came out on DVD this week. I think what Disney really nailed on the head with this movie is the fact that it encourages girls that they don't need a man to be happy. True love doesn't have to be with a man. An act of true love isn't the first kiss with some random stranger.

True love can be an act of kindness. Mostly for your family, but more importantly, your sister. Elsa and Anna are definitely the greatest duos of all. In fact, they remind me a lot of my sister and I. It's a relatable movie and the message is just so inspiring. I really do enjoy the fact that it's not all about meeting the right guy. Excuse this cheesy line but you know what they say? Sisters before misters. And wow, is that right.

One. You will always have someone to be silly with.
Whether you're in an awkward situation or just simply bored, sisters are always willing to go outside the box and be a little goofy.

Two. Even forced time spent together is quality time spent together.
It's normal to have someone get on your nerves when you are constantly hanging out, family included. But after you've sucked it up, the fun is endless.
Three. Someone will always support you, even when no one else does.
Hey, she's your family. 

Four. You always have someone to complain with.
Especially when it's your parents.

Five. You can post embarrassing pictures of her without her being able to hate you forever.
Sorry, Becca. I had to!

So through thick and thin, through fighting and loving, sisters truly are the best. I don't know where I would be without Becca and I hope she says the same for me!

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