Netflix Recommendations

Hey y'all!

Hopefully everyone reading this knows what Netflix is. If you don't, then you're missing out. For a small monthly fee, you can watch as many television shows (or movies) as you want. There's no limit. It's wonderful!

Every girl has had their fair share of "Netflix Marathons"(meaning that you literally sit home and see how many episodes you can watch in a day (or two!)). 

Here's what I've been watching lately!

1. Like Crazy - Movie
A long distance couple struggles to stay together.

2. American Horror Story - Television Show
Each season focuses on a different location featuring ghosts, aliens, insane asylums, or even witches.

3. Gossip Girl - Television Show
Living in Upper East Side New York, a few teens and their families are followed through their drama while all of their scandal is documented publicly by an anonymous writer.

4. Dexter - Television Show
A serial killer that kills other serial killers.

5. Orange is the New Black - Television Show (Netflix Exclusive)
A former lesbian woman (who is now engaged to a man) turns herself into the police. The series follows her, as well as other inmates, as they struggle to find peace and freedom.

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