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Hey y'all!

Recently, I have been adding a crazy amount of things to my 'LOVE' board on Pinterest. Mostly clothing and jewelry in bright colors and fun patterns. What can I say? I'm a typical Southern white girl who is daydreaming about the return of Spring.

Plus, I've had my eye on Lilly Pulitzer's new Spring line (seriously, this season's prints are fabulous)! My personal favorites are "In the Garden" and "Sunny Side".

Truth be told, I already bought the January Skort which features multicolored lion patches. 78$ later, and I still have absolutely no regrets. I got it in a size double zero--which was surprising because normally in Lilly shorts I wear a size 2 or 4. Let me tell you, this skort literally fits me perfectly. It feels like it was MADE  for me. Absolutely the best purchase I have ever made.

Now there's a clear reason why I have not bought this shirt yet. The price tag. I absolutely love the Elsa Top. There are so many different patterns to choose from! But this one is by far my favorite. The First Impression print is currently my desktop picture on my computer. This top may be a little loud for some people, but I think it is absolutely beautiful. I am trying so hard to resist ordering it, but I told my mother that if I see it in my local boutique that stocks the occasional Lilly item, I will buy it because that's fate! And you don't doubt fate, my friends.

Now this koozie is more like my budget! For 6$, I think everyone can afford to buy one. There is no such things as owning too many, especially when they're THIS adorable. This doesn't even need anymore comment. I'm ordering it, without a doubt.

I already currently own an all white pair of these and I am obsessed. They mold to your feet and actually become pretty comfy! I was a little skeptical at first, especially since they cost 110$ but they are worth every penny. The shipping only took two weeks which I found incredible for handmade shoes! I would like a pair in gold because I have shifted to wearing more gold jewelry lately. So I figured, why not get the sandals to match?

Lucky for me, a Kendra Scott store is just about to open up in my town! The pricing of her pieces aren't that awful either, these beauties are only 58$. I'm not exactly positive of the color I want, but I think these are classic pieces that could easily dress up any outfit.

I honestly find monogrammed designer brand bags tacky, but this one has stolen my heart. I love the size, the small handles and it just screams classic vintage. Sadly though, this will probably forever be on my Lust List because there is never a possibility of me cashing out over 1,000$ just for a purse. 


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