Four Wheels and Good Feels

Hey y'all!

Friday, the 21st, was my sister's 19th birthday. Our family friend owns a ranch so all 8 of us-- Becca, Buck, Jana, Lenore, Dave and I, plus the two pups--headed up there on Friday. It's such a beautiful place with a pond and tons of land. Plus, it's nice and quiet.

The best part? No cell phone service. It's the perfect excuse to not have to deal with anyone. Not that I don't love interacting with people, but sometimes it can be nice to not have to constantly respond to someone.

Friday night, we all hung around the bonfire. My sister opened all her presents, which included a Pandora Horse Charm, a pink fishing pole, and a ton of glow sticks. When it was cake time, I couldn't find any candles. So Buck and I loaded her cookie cake with glow sticks. Creative? Yes. Classy? Not quite. But, it's the thought that counts!

The majority of Saturday was spent outdoors. In the morning, Buck, Becca and I went fishing and didn't really catch much. After giving up on that, the three of us headed into town which is about 15 miles out. We picked up some hay, food, and even saw some baby chicks. When we got back to the ranch, Dave had the clay pigeons set up. We got out the guns and did some damage. It was actually my first time ever shooting a gun! 

The neighbors came down and talked for a bit and even invited us down to fish on their pond. Who would pass up an invitation to a pond with alligators? Not us. As always, Buck, Becca and I loaded up the truck and headed on down to their house. Let me tell you, they're pond was stocked. Within seconds of casting out my line, I caught a fish. I'm proud to say I caught the biggest one. Buck caught 5, I caught 3 and Becca caught 2.

Sunday was my lazy day. Julia, our family friend's daughter and my life long best friend, came up and joined the party. Four wheeling and exploring the woods, we had a total blast. For lunch, we barbecued and played games. Around 3, Julia and I headed out. On the way home, we jammed out to music and just talked about anything and everything. It was the perfect end to the perfect weekend away. 

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