10 Tips for College Move-In Day

Hey y'all!

College move-in day is stressful for everyone involved. For me, it was even more so. I go to school 12 hours from home, so I had to pack EVERYTHING into two cars.

And then I had to move all of that home. Most of it having to fit in my Jetta.

But the best part? I then had to move all of my stuff BACK to Alabama for my apartment the next year. So I'd like to think that I have some expertise on moving.

1. Tape all of your bins + boxes shut
I personally brought the clear tall drawer bins with me to college. Since I had a ton of stuff shoved inside of the drawers, I made sure to tape them closed. This also helps when you're transporting things, you don't have to risk them falling apart.

2. Make use of every bit of space
Shove socks in your shoes. Put dish towels inside of your Tupperware containers. Fill every single space that's open because then you'll have more room in your car! Also if you have pockets in the back of your seats, try putting things in there too, just be sure to remember before you're parents drive away.

3. Place clothes already on hangers
I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I'm so glad that I did. Place all of your clothes that you usually hang up on hangers already, and then place an upside down trash bag over them to protect your clothes. That way when you get there, you won't have to waste a ton of time hanging up clothes. Instead, you can just hang them up and take the trash bag off!

4. Get rid of bulky packaging
There's no point in wasting space by keeping things in their original packaging. Not only will it save on space, but it will save you from having to make 100 trips to the trash room to have to throw away all the extra boxes and plastic wrap.

5. Don't plan on Target / Walmart having everything you need
I guarantee you 100% that everyone and their mothers will be shopping at target and walmart to pick up the things they forgot. So I recommend bringing at least one or two rolls of toilet paper, a few bottles of water, and anything else you think you may need as soon as you move in. 

6. Make a list of things you'll need once you're all moved in
This one kind of goes with #5. Try to make a list of realistic things the stores are going to have when you move in. For example, you'll probably be able to get soap, toilet paper, food, etc. But you may not be so lucky to find a lamp or a comforter. Make a list of things you know they'll have in stock so you can just grab and go.

7. Organize your boxes by room
My freshman year, I had a living room, kitchen, bathroom and my own room. It was a lot easier to have all of my boxes organized by room so that I wasn't running from one to the next trying to put stuff away. It also will help with saving space while you're trying to unpack because all of your boxes won't be in one room.

8. Assign each person a job
If you're lucky enough that you're family came to help you move in, then have them put to work! Get your dad to put together your furniture pieces, your mom to help unload the kitchen boxes, and your sister to help put away all of your makeup. Teamwork makes the dream work!

9. Unpack the big stuff first
If you have huge pieces of furniture you need to put together, then set that up first. It might take up a little more space in the room, but it makes the job get done a lot faster if you start big and then move to the small stuff. That way you and your parents aren't arguing over where you wanted to put your 25 lip glosses when they could have helped you move your bookshelf where you wanted it.

10. Make use of Amazon Prime Student
I'd like to believe that most of us have an Amazon Prime account. If not, then you're really missing out! As a student, you get 50% off Prime membership. Plus, if you're school allows it, definitely consider making use of the free 2-day shipping. That way if you really want to purchase a new TV, you can have it shipped directly to your school instead of having to lug it with you. Sound awesome? Sign up here to get started.


  1. Wow, great tips! Wish I would have known all of these when I moved in haha. The walmart/target thing is soooo true!!!! What a disaster! :(


  2. You have no idea how much I needed this when I moved to my Uni halls, approximately 8000 miles away from home haha! Luckily, all my stuff is already packed in my new home, now I just have to unpack everything in September...oh no.

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

    1. Oh no! Sometimes unpacking is just as annoying as packing haha! Good luck Bash!

  3. I totally agree with making use of Amazon Prime! You can find literally everything you need from dorm decor to textbooks while getting it in less than a week #perfecto


    1. It's seriously such a life saver, I don't know what I'd do with out it. Thanks for the comment Lyndsey!

  4. I was gonna mention Amazon but then I saw it at the end of your post. But I didn't know about Amazon Prime Student! That's awesome. I would add always label your boxes whenever you move anywhere. It makes life so much easier on the backend. Love the post. Also love your "about me" photo. Very nice.

    1. Yes Amazon is such a life saver! Thanks for the extra tips, it seriously helps to get some input from others! :)

  5. I love this post! I'm a community college student and next year I'm moving to a 4-year university, and these tips help a lot!

  6. Great post! That's so true about target or Walmart not having every little thing you might need. It's best to get a few items here and there. I just wrote a blog post myself about how to survive the move in day!

    -xo, Makaela

    1. I'll definitely check it out! Thanks Makaela :)

  7. Great tips! I would also suggest coordinating with your roommate on moving dates/times. My freshman year I ended up moving in at the same time as my roommate and it annoying having to fit two people's stuff for a small dorm room all at the same time.

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. Oh my gosh I totally forgot about that! I had my own room so I didn't really have to worry about my roommates. But I definitely agree that it's something to keep in mind if you do. Thanks Deborah!