Beach-Ready Amazon Finds

 Hey y'all!

I'm so excited to FINALLY go on a vacation! The past year has been so hard on everyone, and I know we're all feeling the travel bug. Since we're all vaccinated and enjoying #ShotGirlSummer (because getting vaccinated is your duty as a good/kind/caring human being), I'm going to South Padre Island with my in-laws next month!

Since I haven't been to the beach in what feels like 100 years, I stocked up on some new things. Everything linked is under $40. I guess this is also a great update to add to my capsule wardrobe series since they're all basic items I can easily rewear and reuse. 

Stud sandals | Bikini Hexagon sunglasses | White coverup | Sun hat | Layered necklaces

Can we talk about bathing suits for a second? I feel like they've become so expensive! I remember when I could get a top and bottom for under $30 at Target. In my closet, bathing suits usually only last a year or two. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but the padding falls out and won't go back in or something else weird happens. 

Then you also run into the "is this fast fashion?" It's a hard line to walk. I struggle between affordability and cutting down my environmental impact. Buying a bathing suit second hand is a hard no for me. Also buying a $100+ bathing suit is really hard for me to justify when I only wear it for a limited amount of time. I looked around and couldn't find anything that I felt was both ethical and affordable. If you do know of a brand I should look into, please let me know!

But for this season, I ordered this bikini in both 'Army Green 2' and 'Red' for something a little ~different~. I typically just buy a pair of plain black bottoms and fun tops, but your girl has been working out and wants to show off a little bit! If you want to see how they fit, follow me on Instagram for the upcoming beach content.

I've also been eyeing these great dupes for the Steve Madden studded sandals. I feel like they always come back in style every spring/summer. I probably won't wear them on the actual beach just to keep them sand-free, but I'm already picturing the cute summery outfits I can wear them with for dinners out!

One of the blogger gals I follow shared these sunglasses and hat from her recent travels and I immediately added them to my cart. The hexagonal sunglasses are a great RayBan dupe for a waaaay more affordable price. I don't like bringing my nice sunglasses to the beach just in case I lose them in the ocean or accidentally sit on them. But eye protection is a big deal, so I'm picking them up! 

As for the hat, your girl has got some really long hair that's gotta go in a bun or it will cause her to have a heat stroke. Most hats don't allow for buns, but this one is perfect! Not only will it protect my face and shoulders, but I don't have to worry about having my hair up or down. I'm very very excited about this purchase!

Do you have any other beach recommendations for me? I'd love to know!



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