Instagram: The Thief of Joy

Hey y'all!

At one point or another, I'm sure we've all felt the negative effects of social media. We wake up in the morning feeling on top of the world, then you log into Instagram. Your sorority sister is engaged! Your cousin is having a baby! A model is exploring Costa Rica with a skimpy bikini, flat tummy, and not a single pimple in sight! Meanwhile, you're laying in bed, wondering why YOUR life can't be that amazing.

I know we all know this, but here's a quick little reminder: COMPARISON WILL KILL YOU. It can be difficult to keep in mind that an Instagram feed is not someone's real life. It's typically curated content. It takes hundreds of shots to post just ONE good one. And as much as it looks like a girl is having the time of her life frolicking in the mountainside flowers, in reality, she probably ended up getting a crap ton of mosquito bites and a possible case of poison ivy.

People are editing their mistakes and flaws out. They are putting their best selves out into the world, not necessarily their true authentic selves. If someone makes you feel insecure or a little "off", then UNFOLLOW THEM! If they're your friend and you want to avoid the awkward "why did you unfollow me???" then just mute them! I promise that you will feel so much better after.

Now I'm not saying that every single person on your feed isn't actually loving their life and wanting to share it with the world. Some people truly do use Instagram as a quick "btw here's what I'm doing ok bye". And I think that's great!

I also think it's great that people use Instagram as a platform to share their artwork. I think photography is cool, whether it's lifestyle, fashion, high-end, I love it all. I'm not saying people CAN'T or SHOULDN'T post these things. What I'm saying is stop comparing yourself to those people. Because here's a little aren't them!

As much as a lot of us wish it to be true, we can't be someone else. We can only use the gifts that were given to us to bring our own unique joy and creativity to the world. If you think you have the cutest dog in the world, then share that! Who cares if it's not your ~aesthetic~? If it brings you joy and makes you happy, share it!

I love following people who are authentically and unapologetically themselves. Not only does it inspire me to live a happier life and truly thrive, but it makes me happy for them too. It makes me happy to see people spreading love and light throughout a platform that could potentially make you hate yourself.

You don't have to have tan skin, a flat stomach, and flawless skin to share a photo on Instagram. Just take the time to be thoughtful and intentional with your posts. Make sure they are something YOU love, and then just screw everyone else's opinions.

Instagram doesn't have to be a place that you dread logging into every day. It can be the greatest, most encouraging platform on the planet if you just check who you're following, love what you post, and engage with people who inspire you!


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