My 2018 Mantra

Hey y'all!

I was overwhelmed with all the positive responses and kind messages left on my last blog post. It's so great when my words can help others, especially when I can inspire others to do great things. I can't explain it, but it just fuels me to keep writing more posts that make y'all happy!

Let's talk about mantras. Do you have one? It can't hurt to add one to your life. It's a word or sound to be repeated to aid concentration in meditation. But it can also be used to help you concentrate on what's important in your everyday life. It can be whatever you want, just make sure it inspires you!

My mantra for 2018 is "grow and be happy".  I even started a happiness Instagram to talk all about the things I'm doing to help myself progress towards my dream life. It can be hard to convince yourself sometimes, but in complete honesty, anything you dream can be accomplished. (Maybe not growing wings, but you know what I mean)

Too many people don't set goals for themselves because they're scared they're too unrealistic, or worse, that they won't achieve them. But if you truly believe that these goals are meant for you and that you deserve to accomplish them AND you focus on them every. single. day. then who is to tell you that you can't move to Hawaii and become a yoga instructor? The only thing in your way is yourself.

If you have a mantra or are now thinking about creating one, comment it down below! I love hearing others ideas. Plus it may help someone else to come up with a mantra for themselves.

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