How I Afford Luxury Brands with a College Girl's Budget

Hey y'all!

I'm the type of girl that would rather spend $20 on a margarita and a burrito than on a t-shirt. For some reason, it is so much easier for me to justify spending money on good food rather than "wasting it" on something I probably will wear a maximum of 10 times.

Being in college, I rarely (and I really do mean rarely) dress up. Unless it's formal chapter or I'm trying to take a cute pic for Instagram, then I can be found wearing an XL comfort colors shirt with either black Lululemon leggings or Nike shorts.

Now I know what you're thinking..."didn't she just say she doesn't like spending money on clothes but she's wearing $100+ pair of leggings?" Why yes, yes I did. But guess what! While most girls are shelling out their cold hard cash, I'm spending 1/4th of what most girlie pops are paying. How's that? Because I shop wisely on Poshmark!!

Let me do a little plug here and say:
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I've bought a pair of essentially brand new Lululemon pants for $25!!!! I've bought a brand new Show Me Your Mumu pair of shorts for $15!!! Like I just need to share with y'all my secrets because I want everyone to know the joys of being able to buy luxury brands on a college girl budget.

1. When searching, always change the view to "just in"
I have found that this is the best place to look when searching for a deal. I usually will check a few times a day to see if there has been anything new added. If you're lucky, sometimes people will underestimate how much their item is worth, and upload it at a great price!

2. Search multiple times a day
Like I said above, I really like to look at the just in feed a few times a day. Especially in the early morning and late at night. You have to keep in mind that these are real people uploading their items during their free time. So think like a regular person and ask yourself "would I be uploading an item at 4 am on a Wednesday?" The answer is probably no. 

I've found that when I search multiple times a day, I have a higher chance of grabbing a great deal that other people may not have seen if they're only checking once a day. This is just my advice, but I feel as though it's what made my shopping successful!

3. Favorite things you like -- they might go down in price!
If you ever find an item that catches your eye, but it's a little out of your price range, still favorite it! You'll be notified whenever the seller drops the price and sometimes they'll even discount the shipping. 

There's also another feature where the seller will sometimes offer private discounts which are only shown to the people who have the item in their favorites list. You wouldn't want to miss out on a deal, now would you?

4. Follow people that you favorite items from
I typically always view someone's closet whenever I favorite an item. I also will usually check out their page if I see them posting a lot of one brand that I like. Chances are, they will have more items that might be other brands you've never really looked into before. I have actually found some new places I like to shop from by doing this!

By following people that you have favorited from or even shopped from, you'll have a higher chance of seeing new items that they post. If you got a great deal from them in the past, you might be able to snag another great one from them in the future!

5. Don't be afraid to make an offer
You'll never know if you don't ask! Obviously, don't be rude whenever you're making an offer. For example: if someone has something listed for $70, don't offer them $40. And also keep in mind that if someone doesn't love your offer, they can always counter!

One more thing about offers is that in the future, the seller may come back to you and make your original offer. Trust me, it feels like a victory! 

6. Sell your own items
Seems obvious, right? If you're planning on spending money, you might as well make some too! I've made quite a few bucks on the site itself. Some of my tips are to share frequently (yours and other members items), price drop when necessary, and ship ASAP. 

I really recommend only selling items that have a brand to them, otherwise, it can sit there for quite a while. If you don't mind keeping stuff for longer, then, by all means, sell what you please! I have just found personally that if something isn't branded, I'd rather just take it to Plato's closet for a few bucks or even donating it just to get some spring cleaning done!

If you're interested in taking a look at my closet, and seeing what success I've had with which items, then here's the link!



  1. I love this advice! I thought it was so funny you mentioned spending money on a burrito & a marg. Love the combo there. Have a lovely weekend!


  2. Love the advices and I have to check this website! x