5 Cleaning Products Everyone Needs + FREE Cleaning Checklist

Hey y'all!

So am I totally a mom yet for doing a blog post about cleaning products? Probably. I actually came up with this post idea while I was cleaning my apartment. Whenever I first moved in, I didn't really know what products I would need or what would actually work, and my mom wrote me a shopping list that she swore by. So without further ado, here are the products that I always keep on hand for cleaning!

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I love a multi-use product. This can be used on so many different surfaces. I have dark faux marble countertops in my apartment, and I hate it because you can see every little watermark or spill. I use this to wipe down my kitchen cabinets + countertops, as well as for my bathroom cabinets + countertop! 

I know most people probably prefer all of their scents to match, so this is offered in a lemon scent, but since my mom always used the orange when I was a kid, it's sort of nostalgic when I smell it! Fun fact : dusting used to be my favorite chore to do as a kid. This product is perfect for anywhere that gets dusty. I use it on my entertainment unit, coffee table and side table. 

I always opt to purchase the multi-pack of these wipes since I use them so often! There's nothing more frustrating to reach for them and have none left. I constantly use them to clean up quick messes that I don't feel like getting a surface cleaner out for. I use them mostly in my kitchen!

The label isn't joking when it says "world's best". I love this stuff. I use it on my bathroom mirror, my full length mirror, and all of my windows. It does a great job of cleaning without leaving streaks all over the glass, which we can all agree is soooooo annoying.

Whenever I want to quickly dust before someone visits, I pull out this bad boy. It's super fluffy and does a great job of picking up the dust without it flying into the air.

If you're interested in downloading a FREE cleaning checklist, click here. It will automatically download for you, so it's nice and easy! I know that everyone likes to clean differently at different times, but this is usually what I stick to.
Do you have any favorite cleaning products that I missed? Leave them down in the comments below. Like I said, I never thought I would write a blog post about cleaning products, but I also have said that I want to start writing posts about things that can help other people. So I hope this helped!

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