Essential Kitchen Items for Small Spaces / Apartments

Hey y'all!

I've officially been living in my apartment for a year! I'd like to think that I can now officially give good advice about what you actually do and don't need while living in an apartment.

I have a decent sized kitchen, but it has hardly any storage at all. So I thought I would share with y'all today what things I totally love and believe that you need if you live in a tiny space! Everything I have linked is from Amazon, so be sure to use your prime membership for free 2-day shipping!

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toaster - I didn't originally have a toaster when I moved in, and I thought I could live without it. I was wrong. My advice is to purchase one that is big enough to put a bagel in, because, well, bagels are the best. If you don't like bagels (first of all, are you okay?), then I guess it doesn't matter what size you get, but if you do, it's just something to keep in mind!

multi-function blender - This one that I have linked actually has the option to purchase a chopper along with the blender. I recommend doing that because then it has more functions than just being a standard blender.

collapsible colander - Save space in your cupboards by purchasing things that can be collapsed. I definitely think that colanders take up a ton of room, so this is the number one thing I think everyone should buy if they're tight on space.

bottle + wine opener - There's nothing worse than finding out you don't have a bottle opener. Buying an item that's multipurpose is smart and budget friendly.

silverware tray organizer - First of all, I don't get how people live without these. But it's a great way to keep your space organized because there's a slot for each piece of silverware (fork, knife, spoon, etc). And best of all, it keeps your utensils clean and not touching the gross insides of your drawers!

mini tongs - Buying mini versions of things helps save a ton of space. And they are just so cute! They might be smaller, but they still can do the same amount of work as a full size set of tongs.

stackable food storage containers - Everyone needs food storage containers. But in a small space, you don't want a mountain that you have to search through to find the lid to the box you're using. This set is perfect because the lids snap onto the bottom of the containers so you can stack them super easily! Plus there are a ton of options to choose from so if you need 18 pieces or 60 pieces, I've got you covered.

spoon rest - Another thing that I'm not sure how people live without. How gross is it to just put your spoon on the counter while you're in the middle of cooking? Very. I have a cute little spoon rest right next to my utensil holder so that I always have someplace easy to put my spoon so that it doesn't get the counter dirty!

magnetic clips - I use clips on bread, potatoes, chips, you name it. Having them being magnetic and being able to stick them on your fridge is so much easier than having to rifle through a drawer just to find one!

utensil holder - If you're anything like me, you have a lot of utensils. Instead of taking up a bunch of room in your drawers, use a holder so that you have easy access to it whenever you're cooking, and it looks cute and organized!

water filter - Instead of purchasing water bottles, use a water filter jug! It's great for the environment, it takes up less space, and it's a lot cheaper than constantly buying new packs of bottles.


  1. I think I'm going to get a toaster this year for school, because bagels!! :) Also tupperware is a must!
    xo, Syd

  2. I have many of the things that you mentioned above for my mini kitchen , and you're right....these objects are necessary!