How to Create the Perfect Class Schedule

Hey y'all!

I know before college orientation, I was really worried about signing up for classes. I had no clue what to expect, and I'm definitely the planning type so it stressed me out not knowing my schedule at the beginning of summer. When I finally sat down at the computer where I was going to sign up for my classes, it went by so quickly and I didn't really feel confident in the classes I had selected.

I really wish that I had looked into advice before I signed up because it definitely would have saved me from signing up for a 9 am class on Friday mornings (it was miserable, to say the least 😭). I hope my tips can help you to create the perfect class schedule!

1. Look up your professors before signing up.
Make use of !! You'll be thankful when you get a teacher that gives you study guides vs a teacher that gives you homework every night. And once the semester is over, be helpful to other students and rate yours! Karma is real, friends.

2. Plan out your schedule ahead of time.
My school has a 'schedule builder' feature, so I make use of this every semester. But if your school doesn't offer this, it isn't hard to look at the classes offered and build your own! Then when you finally get to register, you aren't scrambling to sign up for any class that has an open seat.

3. Have backup plans.
Sometimes you won't get the schedule you wanted because they filled up too quickly (especially when they're core requirements). Make sure that you have an idea for other classes you want/need to take if you have an empty slot!

4. Don't sign up for 8 am's (or 9 am's).
If you weren't a morning person in high school, you won't be in college. I made the mistake my first semester by signing up for a 9 am. I woke up at 6:30 am in high school so I thought it wouldn't be that hard in college. Unless you are truly a morning person, you'll regret early morning classes as soon as you hear your first alarm.

5. Avoid Friday classes.
This is directed towards sorority girls in particular (at least 'Bama girls). Usually, swaps and date parties are on Thursday nights and I promise you'll have major FOMO if you miss out on them. Either try to have later classes or if you're lucky, have no classes on Friday at all!

6. Don't skip class.
This is obvious, but it's a steep and slippery slope. Most teachers don't take attendance in college, so it's really easy to miss. Keep in mind that you're actually paying for each and every class that you're taking. You'll be a lot more eager to go once you realize it costs you about $260 each class you skip.

7. Wait until you start class to order a textbook.
Most of the time you won't need it. Also if you check out, students will usually write if they used the book in class or not! Don't waste money on a book you probably won't even use. (Unless it's an English class)

8. Rent textbooks from anywhere BUT your bookstore.
College campuses know you need your books. They're overcharging you for convenience. And while it's nice to not have to wait for shipping, ordering a book online always works out cheaper. I personally use Amazon to buy used textbooks. You have the option to rent or buy! So if you don't want to be stuck with a copy of some random history book, you can just ship it back at the end of the semester. Plus if you sign up for Prime Student, you get free two-day shipping!



  1. Literally, 3 years later and scheduling classes is the absolute WORST!

    1. Rebecca,

      Oh my gosh I know! I wish someone had given me honest advice as a freshman when signing up! It still isn't any easier honestly.

  2. oh my goodness, i can totally relate. Being a junior in college myself scheduling classes is always stressful. Wish i knew not to schedule 8am my freshman year.