11 of the Cutest Accessories to Spruce up your Work Desk

Hey y'all!

I'm a huge sucker for #aesthetic and who doesn't want a fun and creative workspace? I think it's super important to love the space that you're in because if you like your space, you'll enjoy working. Plus it helps with inspiration!

I personally don't have room for an office space (college apartments are tiny), but if I did, this is totally how I would choose to decorate it! I went with a rose gold and acrylic theme because I feel like it's super trendy.

How stinking cute is this? A stapler is always a must-have for me on my desk, and I think this is totally one I'd want to keep out for decoration too! Bonus points if you have rose gold staples!

Everyone needs a place to store their pens and pencils. This one is totally perfect because you can see all of the pens through the side of the cup which means no more having to search through an entire drawer for your favorite pencil.

I hate whenever a great thought or idea pops into my head and I have nowhere to write it down. This little notebook is perfect for random inspiration. It's a great size, but won't take up too much space in your drawers or even on top of your desk.
This may or may not be a little over the top, but hey, it's all about the decor sometimes. These pens are such a unique addition to a desk. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

I have had my eye on one of these for so long! I think they are such a cool gift idea that's super customizable. You can change it depending on your mood or whenever the seasons change. It's a cheap and fun way to decorate!

I know a lot of people don't even have a mouse anymore, but if you do, this is a great choice. It gets the job done and looks pretty while doing it. (now if only I could be that way too...🤔)

If you're a DIY type of girl, then this wall decor could easily be done at home. But if you're lazy or don't trust your crafting ability, this pendant is super affordable. I personally love the look of pendants because they are really easy + cheap to make, but take up a lot of space on the wall!

Staying ahead of deadlines and due dates is so important. I'm a huge organizer so a calendar is always on the top of my list. I actually usually have a couple of calendars just because I'm that crazy organized.

Do a lot of people have business cards? Is that a dumb question? I don't know honestly. But I thought this piece was too cute not to include in this list. It kind of looks like a little sofa for your cards!

Because this picture frame has two sides, you don't have to pick between a picture of your family or a picture of your dog. It's the best of both worlds.

Flowers help any area feel more comfortable. Opting for a fake option is much better because then you don't have to constantly replace them or have to clean up the mess from dead ones. 

I hope this inspired you to decorate your office space! 



  1. I am in love with these desk accessories! I have to say that when your work area is hat you want it to be, it makes the job worthwhile. Girl you got me wanting to jazz up my desk and office space now! I work from home so I need to really make it as amazing as I want it to be thank you for sharing this.

    1. Rachel,

      Aw yay!! Glad I can inspire you (although I'm sure your wallet won't thank me haha)

      - Sarah

  2. I love everything in this post!! Especially the marble items <3 So cute!