The Four Types of College Roommates

Hey y'all!

The best (and worst) part of college is having to have a roommate. Whether they're randomly assigned or you met via Facebook, you're bound to end up having some issues with them. Maybe they leave dirty dishes in the sink, or even worse, they try to join in on every plan you make with your actual friends. Either way, you're probably stuck with them for the year...unless things get REALLY bad.

The Mom - She's the one who yells at you for leaving dishes in the sink -- even if they've only been in there for 20 minutes. Whether you're doing homework or taking a nap, she's constantly vacuuming and cleaning up after everyone, even though there's no mess. She considers herself the queen of Pinterest but the craftiest thing she's ever done is hung up a picture frame. Her way of confronting you over an issue is a passive aggressive subtweet that you will just laugh off and ignore. When you come home from a long night out, she'll be sitting in the living room with a worried look wondering where you've been. She might think she means well, but it's college. You already have a mom.

The Party Animal - Love her or hate her, she's the one with the good stories. You'll wonder how she can stay out until 4 am but still make it on time to her 8 am. She knows at least one boy in every fraternity and always knows which parties to skip out on. Her closet is full of swap/darty-ready choices. Plus she knows how to help you get rid of that horrible hangover stomachache that you have. Trust me when I tell you that this is a valuable roommate to have, but remember that not everyone can go shot-for-shot with her.

The Homebody - You're not really sure how she ever has clean laundry since the only time she leaves the dorm is to go to the dining hall or class (although sometimes she doesn't even do that). You can count the number of times she has been to a party on one hand, but you'll still try and invite her to go out. Don't be offended when she kindly declines and say she's tired or has {insert basic girl Netflix series} to watch. It can be a little sad to watch someone waste away their college experience, but hey, some people really just like to stay at home in their PJs all day, erryday.

The Best Friend - You'll be connected at the hip and she will be your other half. Most importantly, she'll be the one to watch the Bachelor with you but to also take you to Waffle House at 2 am. You'll wonder how you even called your old high school friends your bestie when this girl just gets you. Whether you share clothes, food or secrets, be thankful that she's there to keep you sane.

These are personally VERY accurate, but don't take everything I say too seriously. College is amazing and you will interact with so many different types of people. I absolutely loved my freshman year and had two of the most bomb roommates ever. I can't wait to see what Tuscaloosa has in store for me next year. Counting down the days until I'm back for my sophomore year!

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