T Shirt Overload

Hey y'all!

Just like every other girl, I'm a huge fan of comfy clothes. My outfit of choice is usually always an oversized tee with a pair of Nike shorts. Hate me all you want. You can even be funny annoying by asking me if I'm wearing pants, but I'm the one who can just lay down in bed after school, while you'll have to change out of your polo and cargo shorts (honestly, why are you still choosing to wear those).

I'm going to let you in on a little secret of mine. It's where to find the best comfy clothes. Trust me when I say you'll want to pin this post to keep for later.

I posted this picture to my Tumblr, and in came a huge wave of "where did you get that SEC shirt?!?"

Believe it or not, the SEC online store has some pretty adorable shirts for supporting your team! 

Now, I do realize that this is an older shirt and it's missing a few teams from the list..but let's just be honest with each other and admit that the only important one is up top (roll tide).
And yet, another wonderful photo from my Tumblr! 

Yes, Fraternity Collection has some of the comfiest t shirts available. (Could it be because they're comfort colors??)

I have created quiet the collection of 'frocket shirts' from this lovely online store. They have a ton of different options to chose from, but be sure to check out their American pride choices! A few of my favorites are The Regan, The 1776, and The Patrick

If you're in the market for something customizable, take a peek at their website! Their tops are super affordable so maybe even get a few...

Okay so this one didn't go viral on Tumblr, sorry! I have to admit that this shirt is definitely on the thinner side, but I still think that Southern Proper has some great t shirt designs that are extremely witty. Unfortunately this design in particular one is sold out on their website but there are plenty of other clever designs. Don't forget to check out their sale section online!

If you're looking for a website that sells more than one brand, then Country Club Prep is a great place to get graphic tees from. It's super easy to find coupon codes, and they're usually always having some sort of deal or promotion. Definitely check out their clearance section for some major savings. 


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