DIY LUSH-inspired Bath Bombs

Hey y'all!

Julia and I set out on a mission to make a DIY blog post this week. We spent at least an hour scavenging through my Pinterest boards, but we couldn't seem to find anything. When we were finally ready to give up, we decided why not figure out a recipe on how to make homemade bath bombs?

1 cup baking soda
1 cup citric acid
3/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup sea salt
4 colors of food coloring
4 different essential oils
1 spray bottle
1 muffin pan

1. mix all dry ingredients together
2. separate equally into four bowls
3. fill spray bottle with water and add food coloring
4. stir while spraying color into the bowl. Don’t spray too much water or it will begin to fizz and expand!
5. add a few drops of essential oil
6. press mixture into muffin pan
7. wait 24 hours for bath bomb to set and harden

We went to Kroger to gather ingredients. It took us a lot longer than it should have because we couldn't find Citric Acid. Here's a tip: No, IT IS NOT LEMON JUICE. Yes, it is sold in stores. It will be near the canning stuff (like for people who can their own vegetables and fruits).

Before placing each bomb into the muffin pan, we lined each individual slot with plastic wrap. It makes it a lot easier to clean up and it just avoids having a bath bomb getting stuck and falling apart. Not to mention it came in handy when we had an explosion.

Let me tell you though DO NOT ADD TOO MUCH WATER. It really will cause the bath bomb to expand and start fizzing. We ended up having to throw away our whole batch of purple bombs because they started overflowing into the other colors.

So as you can see, we used purple, pink, blue and green food coloring. We even decided to try and match our essential oils to the color so that when taking a bath, you don't have to smell it to figure out which one it is!
  • Purple = Lavender
  • Green = Eucalyptus
  • Pink = Joy (essential oil mixture)
  • Blue = Lemon


  1. So how much water? you say spray it but how many sprays, what consistency are you looking for?

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Different factors can change the amount of water you should spray. For example, if it's humid, you'll need less water or if it's cold, you'll need more. The consistency you want is crumbly, but it should hold together whenever lightly squeezed in your hand.

      I hope that answers your question!
      - Sarah