March 31, 2017

What NOT To Do or Say During Recruitment as a PNM

Hey y'all!

I have received so much positive feedback from "My Recruitment Experience" at the University of Alabama. If you're coming here to read this, you're either about to go through recruitment, or you're just curious about greek life in general! Either way, I hope this post can help answer your questions and calm your nerves.

Since I've only got through recruitment at UA, these tips are directed towards bama girls! Although I'm sure most recruitments are similar. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I'll try to help you the best I can!

Don't hug the active when she picks you up at the door.
This is honestly something I've seen happen way too many times to count. When you go through each house, a girl will pick you up at the door. She'll put her hand behind your back, but won't touch you (you're sweaty, we get that, we don't want to touch you just as much as you don't to be touched). This is not an invitation for a side hug. You'll feel mortified once you realize she's just trying to help guide you through the house.

Don't shake anyone's hand, unless they clearly initiate it.
I honestly doubt anyone will try to shake your hand anyways, but please don't do it! If a new active comes up to speak to you, just introduce yourself like a normal person, sans the handshake. It's so awkward and uncomfortable for both you and the active. Recruitment is supposed to be fun, it's not a job interview so don't treat it like one!

Don't ask about philanthropy on the first day.
I totally get that this might be something SO important to you, and that's completely understandable. It's important to understand what each house is involved in so that you can find a place that fits what you're passionate about. But there's a philanthropy day for a reason! You'll find out so much more information then. IWT (ice, water, tea) Day is all about getting to know you. I promise that you will have all the time you need to find out about what each sorority is doing to better the community at a later date.

Don't talk about the 5 B's.
Boys, booze, bible, bank and barrack. Your active doesn't want to hear about how crazy your prom night was, how much money your family makes, if you voted for Trump or not, what your personal beliefs are, or if your freshman year bucket list includes shacking with one boy in every fraternity. These topics are not appropriate recruitment conversations. Unless you want to talk about how you went on an awesome mission trip with your church, or that your work as a youth group leader changed your life. Just be smart, duh.

Don't list off your accomplishments.
Unless you're asked, of course! But don't feel the need to tell your active every single thing you've ever been a part of since kindergarten. Focus on the things that make you unique. 

Don't bad mouth other houses.
I don't care if a girl spilled her drink all over you, please please don't talk negatively about other houses on the row. I know it can be hard to bite your lip when every other girl is talking mad smack, but just because you had a bad experience somewhere, doesn't mean everyone else did. For some girls, that might be their dream house, and you talking badly about it might make them rethink their decision, even though that's where they felt at home. It makes girls feel embarrassed and second-guess their choices. You could cause a girl to miss out on her perfect house because you were too busy talking about your own experience. 

Don't let the stereotypes affect your decision.
This kind of falls in the suggestion above. Just because one girl had a horrible experience at one house, or even if you had a bad conversation at the same house before, go in with a positive attitude. Act like this is the first time you've ever heard of "xyz" sorority, and you have no idea what to expect. Being in a sisterhood lasts a lifetime, and it's YOUR life, not Emily -- the random girl you befriended in your rho-chi group. You don't want to be stuck in a house that you have nothing in common with the girls, just because she told you the house you liked better sucked / had a bad reputation. 


  1. I loved reading this post! I served on my chapters recruitment board and as chapter president. These are great tips for PNM's


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