January 19, 2015

T Shirt Overload

Hey y'all!

Just like every other girl, I love having lazy days. My outfit of choice on these days is nothing other than an oversized comfy t shirt. Boring, but true.

Here's a great place to get some comfy t shirts. Plus for a limited time, 30% off! Click on the photo to be linked.

I'm not sure about you, but I love having my t shirts being adorable as well as extremely comfortable. So I have compiled a list of the best places to get t shirts from!

I posted this picture to my Tumblr, and in came a wave of "where did you get that SEC shirt?!?" 
Believe it or not, the SEC online store has some pretty adorable shirts for supporting your team! Now, I realize this is an older shirt and it's missing quite a few teams..but the only important one is up top.

And yet, another wonderful photo from my Tumblr! Yes, Fraternity Collection has some of the comfiest t shirts available. I have created quiet the collection of frocket shirts from this lovely online store. If you haven't heard of this website, check them out! You won't be disappointed. 

Although this particular t shirt is on the thinner side, Southern Proper has some great t shirts. Unfortunately this one is sold out but there are plenty of other witty designs. Don't forget to check out their sale section online!

Where is your favorite place to get t shirts? What does your favorite shirt look like?

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