Lust List

Lust List Blog Post

Hey y'all!

Recently, I have been adding a crazy amount of things to my 'LOVE' board on Pinterest. Mostly clothing and jewelry in bright colors and fun patterns. What can I say? I'm a typical Southern white girl who is day dreaming about the return of Spring.

Plus, I've had my eye on Lilly Pulitzer's new Spring line (seriously, this seasons prints are fabulous)! My personal favorites are "In the Garden" and "Sunny Side".

Truth be told, I already bought the January Skort which features multicolored lion patches. 78$ later, and I still have absolutely no regrets. I got it in a size double zero--which was surprising because normally in Lilly shorts I wear a size 2 or 4. Let me tell you, this skort literally fits me perfectly. It feels like it was MADE  for me. Absolutely the best purchase I have ever made.

Now there's a clear reason why I have not bought this shirt yet. The price tag. I absolutely love the Elsa Top. There are so many different patterns to choose from! But this one is by far my favorite. The First Impression print is currently my desktop picture on my computer. This top may be a little loud for some people, but I think it is absolutely beautiful. I am trying so hard to resist ordering it, but I told my mother that if I see it in my local boutique that stocks the occasional Lilly item, I will buy it because that's fate! And you don't doubt fate, my friends.

Now this koozie is more like my budget! For 6$, I think everyone can afford to buy one. There is no such things as owning too many, especially when they're THIS adorable. This doesn't even need anymore comment. I'm ordering it, without a doubt.

I already currently own an all white pair of these and I am obsessed. They mold to your feet and actually become pretty comfy! I was a little skeptical at first, especially since they cost 110$ but they are worth every penny. The shipping only took two weeks which I found incredible for handmade shoes! I would like a pair in gold because I have shifted to wearing more gold jewelry lately. So I figured, why not get the sandals to match?

Lucky for me, a Kendra Scott store is just about to open up in my town! The pricing of her pieces aren't that awful either, these beauties are only 58$. I'm not exactly positive of the color I want, but I think these are classic pieces that could easily dress up any outfit.

I honestly find monogrammed designer brand bags tacky, but this one has stolen my heart. I love the size, the small handles and it just screams classic vintage. Sadly though, this will probably forever be on my Lust List because there is never a possibility of me cashing out over 1,000$ just for a purse. 


Four Wheels and Good Feels

Hey y'all!

Friday, the 21st, was my sister's 19th birthday. Our family friend owns a ranch so all 8 of us-- Becca, Buck, Jana, Lenore, Dave and I, plus the two pups--headed up there on Friday. It's such a beautiful place with a pond and tons of land. Plus, it's nice and quiet.

The best part? No cellphone service. It's the perfect excuse to not have to deal with anyone. Not that I don't love interacting with people, but sometimes it can be nice to not have to constantly respond to someone.

Friday night, we all hung around the bonfire. My sister opened all her presents, which included a Pandora Horse Charm, a pink fishing pole, and a ton of glow sticks. When it was cake time, I couldn't find any candles. So Buck and I loaded her cookie cake with glow sticks. Creative? Yes. Classy? Not quite. But, it's the thought that counts!

The majority of Saturday was spent outdoors. In the morning, Buck, Becca and I went fishing and didn't really catch much. After giving up on that, the three of us headed into town which is about 15 miles out. We picked up some hay, food, and even saw some baby chicks. When we got back to the ranch, Dave had the clay pigeons set up. We got out the guns and did some damage. It was actually my first time ever shooting a gun! 

The neighbors came down and talked for a bit and even invited us down to fish on their pond. Who would pass up an invitation to a pond with alligators? Not us. As always, Buck, Becca and I loaded up the truck and headed on down to their house. Let me tell you, they're pond was stocked. Within seconds of casting out my line, I caught a fish. I'm proud to say I caught the biggest one. Buck caught 5, I caught 3 and Becca caught 2.

Sunday was my lazy day. Julia, our family friend's daughter and my life long best friend, came up and joined the party. Four wheeling and exploring the woods, we had a total blast. For lunch, we barbecued and played games. Around 3, Julia and I headed out. On the way home, we jammed out to music and just talked about anything and everything. It was the perfect end to the perfect weekend away. 

3 Quotes Everyone Needs to Read

Hey y'all!

Since we're all friends here, can I just be real for a minute? These past few days have truly not been the best. In fact, the entire month of February has not been my favorite. I haven't really been feeling like myself much at all.

When I'm down in the dumps, I like to keep myself preoccupied. Some of the things I like to do include:

Hang out with real friends - The reason I used the word real is because we all have those friends that will let us cry for hours and just vent about life. Or they may be the person who tells you exactly how it is and you know that's what you need. I always consider if I need to be babied or realistic, then go from there on which friend to consult with.

- Write - Journaling is such a great way to get out feelings! It might feel silly, but I'll give you a few ideas to get you started! Some examples are: a letter to someone (maybe someone you are mad at, haven't talked to in a while or who has passed away), advice to your past self, or even just a simple rundown of your day. If you want prompts, you can purchase a daily journal -- this one lasts for 5 whole years! I find that this is a great method to let go of frustrations and anger. Plus it's something you can do anywhere at anytime since it's calming and quiet.

- Sleep - This is an obvious one. I think we can all agree that we have days where the best solution is to just go home, draw the blinds, lay down and curl up in your sheets. Definitely don't spend all of your free time doing this, but somedays it's just necessary.

- Spend time with family - I think this one is very underrated. I know I argue with my parents sometimes, but in all honesty, my parents are my best friends. When I'm sad, they usually know how to fix it. We'll bake, watch movies or play video games. It's nice not having to worry about anything else.

But, unfortunately, sometimes those things mentioned above just aren't enough. This might sound a little cheesy, but I really like to look towards Pinterest whenever I'm in need of some advice that I don't necessarily feel comfortable enough talking to someone I know about. That's why I created my  "words of wisdom" board. It started out as a board to just pin cute quote (well... I still do post quotes because they're cute) but I also really like to pin things that make me stop when I read them and think to myself "hey, wow, that really speaks to me and matches with my personal views." 

It may seem silly to follow advice from a quote, but for some reason, I always feel better after reading some. It's kind of refreshing to think that someone else went through a similar problem to you, so they're trying to advise you to not make the same mistakes or maybe to think a different way about a situation. Sometimes it helps me get a better perspective on a situation, and other times I just realize how crazy I'm being.

Stay Positive
Focusing on the good parts of your life can be extremely hard. Sometimes it really can seem like the whole world is against you. At the end of every night, I like to list at least five things that I'm thankful or grateful for in my life. This list usually consists of friends that care about me, my family who supports me, my teachers for providing me with a chance to learn, kind strangers who do good just because they simply want to, and most importantly, God for blessing me with this wonderful life that I have. It seems simple, but it makes you realize how grateful you should be for all of the good things in life.

You Are Not Perfect and That's Okay
I don't think anyone thinks they're 100% perfect (but if you do, more power to you!). Self-confidence is hard because we're all afraid of being judged. But if you take the time to focus on something that you really love, whether it be baking, drawing, dancing...seriously anything, then you will have less time to stress about what other people are thinking about you. You'll be too busy kicking ass that you won't care what Sally said about those shoes you wore last week.

Don't think it's that easy? Then think of it this way : Judging others is sadly a very common way for people to cope with issues. But think of all the negative energy you spend thinking about someone else's appearance or choices. That energy is then projected into the universe. Then what kind of energy do you receive back? Yup, you betcha. It's going to be pretty dang negative. So focus on improving your own life instead of worrying about someone else.

Believe You Are Loved
Admit it. We have all been there. Everyone has been at a moment in their life when they think they are completely alone and that no one loves them. This couldn't be further from the truth. You were created out of love. God made you because He wanted you to walk among His amazing creations. He wanted you to experience life on this earth. I mean seriously think about all of the cool things that this world has to offer, and think about that God loved the idea of you so much that He created you so that you could be apart of it all. 

If you aren't religious or don't necessarily believe in God (which I totally get, I used to be on that same boat), but I promise that you  have people that love you. Your family and friends may not always love you the way you want them to, but they love you in the best ways they know how to. Also, people you may not even know love you and care about you. You are never alone.

I hope that reading these quotes along with my commentary allows you to see your life in a different light. The next time you feel like you're having a bad day, try to reflect on some of these things and maybe use a few of my tips! It's okay to be sad sometimes, that's completely normal. But don't let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life.

What Makes You So Special?

Hey y'all!

Okay, so the title of this post sort of sounds like a first grader taunting another child. Forgive me for that, but I could not for the life of me think of another name. Plus--it goes along well with what I want to blog about today.

What makes a person special? 

It seems vague and confusing and leaves lots of room for comments. But it's a serious question. Why are you important? Why are you valuable? What makes you different from the person next to you?

Some people may say it's their attitude about things or their outlook on life. Maybe something about how they were raised or where they grew up. The people around them have influenced their life in positive (or negative) ways and that has shaped the person they became.

For me, that's my mother, father and sister. Although we can argue until we're all blue in the face, they have a good purpose and truly only want the best for me. Ever since I was a kid, my sister has been looking out for me. She can act like a mother at times, but again, it's because she loves me. As for my mother, she is literally crazy. I definitely have her sense of humor. Let's just say I have my dad's dancing skills (which are none). 
My family makes me special.

I was originally born in Scotland, but moved to Texas when I was only a year old. So, my parents both have these crazy accents, while I'm stuck with no accent at all. If anything, I sound like I'm from up north. No offense to the north, but southern accents are so much sweeter. We visit Scotland every summer, going to see our grandparents, aunts, uncles, basically my entire family still lives there. People are always very surprised when they meet my parents because you would honestly think I'm from the United States. But nonetheless,
 My background makes me special.

Okay so this girl (on the right) is my best friend, believe it or not. We've been basically joined at the hip ever since 8th grade. That's four years! Although we fight a lot, we will always be there for each other. Whether it be taking naps or playing with our puppies, there is never a boring moment. Honestly, we deserve a tv show because we are so quick at comebacks and are extremely witty (if I do say so myself). Clearly, this post would be lacking if I didn't include her.
My best friend makes me special.


Now I know what everyone is thinking.."Okay Sarah, we get it. You're not independent and rely on other people to make yourself unique.." So here's the part where I actually talk about myself instead of influences (even though they really have made me the person I am today). 

As mentioned above, I am a complete comedian. I used to not be able to stand seeing people sad. In fact, when I was 8 years old, my grandfather passed away. It broke my heart seeing everyone so upset, especially since I knew that he would be beyond angry to see people crying over him. So what did I do? I went around and told literally EVERYONE at the funeral that my underwear was backwards and inside out. Trust me, an 8 year old girl, walking around, proud of herself for being able to make sad people smile was quite an accomplishment. Plus, I knew that my grandfather would be laughing if he heard what I was saying. 
My ability to make people smile makes me special.

In case you didn't know this, Sarah in hebrew actually means princess. And boy, do I live up to that. Not in the sense that I act like a spoiled brat--well, sometimes--but in the sense that I am the sass master. There's not much to write about how sassy I am. But challenge me to a sass off and I'll kick your butt all the way into next week.
My sass makes me special.

I don't really have a 'special talent'. I've tried cosmetology, soccer, basketball, dance and even taekwondo. But I have yet to find the perfect fit for my skills. I'm extremely indecisive and get bored very quickly. I'm good with editing videos and film. But, like I said, I give up quite easily (oops)
My indecisiveness makes me special.

Lastly, I'd like to consider myself relatable to other people. I love helping others with advice or even simply being there to listen. I try my best to be honest, even though that might not always be what the person wants to hear. I'd like to believe that I'm good with people.
My ability to help others makes me special.

I am silly, crazy, dorky but most importantly, I am myself. 
And that's what makes me special.