Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You'll Adore

Hey y'all!

I loooooove Valentine's Day. Even though my boyfriend was extremely lame and asked me to be his girlfriend on vday, I still think it's such a fun and romantic day! This year Michael and I will be celebrating 5 years together, and I'm thrilled to have a day where it's all about US!

Obviously, it's not necessary to buy things for your SO for valentine's day. I think that if it wasn't our anniversary as well, then we'd probably opt to skip out on the ~gifts~. I put together a list of his and her gift ideas ranging from low-end to high-end! And if you're single, it's still great to #treatyoself.

For her
1. hair dryer | 2. gold watch | 3. tile | 4. bath bomb | 5. light up mirror | 6. face mask | 7. diptyque candle | 8. rose quartz roller | 9. charm bracelet

I highly recommend picking up the rose quartz roller for your gal. I love using mine every morning and night! Not only is it super cute, but it has a ton of health benefits and stops your girlie from getting oily hands during her skincare routine.

It would be great to put together a little self-care kit with the roller, mask, and bath bomb! You also can't go wrong with this high-end candle that smells like roses! Who needs to buy flowers when you can have your whole room lit up with the scent?

For him
10. headphones | 11. pen knife | 12. why I love you journal | 13. firestick | 14. cologne | 15. shave kit

The best part about purchasing cologne for your partner is the fact that you get to choose what they smell like (hehe). I love this one! It has a warm spicy scent to it which I looove on a man. I think that the journal is a sweet idea for something sentimental, especially if you are long distance!

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day! Eat all the good food, snuggle up to your love bug, and enjoy!



  1. Love this list! Think I will accidentally leave it open on my iPad when my hubbys aeound ��

  2. Congratulations on 5 years! That's a huge celebration! Happy Valentine's Day to you both. :)