Free Printable Holiday Wall Art

Hey y'all!

Michael and I officially bought our first Christmas tree together last night! Although I'm not usually a big fan of multicolored light trees, that's all the store had in the size we wanted. I couldn't wait any longer, so we bought it. I think it's actually starting to grow on me!

We were on the lookout for some stockings to get for our dog, Peanut, and cat, Denny, but Michael refused to let me buy one because they looked "cheap and our pets deserve better". So we put those on hold until we can make a run to target! I'm thinking some faux fur, but who knows!

I also wrapped up some presents last night, which I'm not very good at (I actually facetimed my mom to ask how to make it look pretty). But I also cheated a little and put some of the gifts into bags. This year, Michael and I will be spending our first Christmas together! We're going to be visiting his family in Ohio. And when I say we, I mean Michael, me, P and Denny. It's going to be a full house!

We plan on starting some new traditions this year since it's our first Christmas spent together. Firstly, we bought our tree. Even though we lived together last year, I left super early in December to go home so there was no point in buying one. This time we aren't leaving until a little later, so I figured we should jump at the chance to enjoy more holiday decor.

Secondly, we're going to choose an ornament together that will remind us of our year. We haven't found one yet, but thankfully Christmas isn't tomorrow -- just like Michael reminds me when I start to panic about not finding the perfect garland for our apartment.

So since I'm in a Christmas mood finally, I decided to make some wall art for our apartment. It's cheap, easy, and I really enjoy making them! I figured why not share them with my readers, because I know I love a good free printable!

If you have any fun Christmas traditions, let me know down below! And if you have any suggestions for more fun printables that you want to see on the blog, leave those in the comments too!

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