Sit Down with Sarah | Vol. 4

Hey y'all!

It's the fourth time I've written an SDWS, so hopefully, you know the drill by now! If you're new here, then let me give you a quick run-down. Every Friday, I post an SDWS to help give my readers a glimpse into my personal life. I share 5 things in my life that I've been loving or I've just deemed important. Who knows, maybe you'll find your new favorite recipe because of me? &nbs p; That's kind of the whole point -- to keep ya updated, and to inspire you to try some new things!

1. Rachel Ray's Veg-Head Three-Bean Chili
Michael and I usually split up the cooking. And since I'm a vegan, I really like to make sure we're cooking real meals most of the week rather than just throwing something into the oven. I'm lucky enough that my sweet boyfriend made this yummy dinner this week! I like a little bit of spice, but he skips out on the jalapeƱo and hot pepper sauce. We also make rice to have with it!

Since it's just the two of us, we have a ton of leftovers. I personally love having leftovers because then you don't have to think about cooking for the next few meals! But you can also freeze it to save it if you're not feeling like it every day for the next month. 

2. Pinterest
I'm so on season right now. No, seriously. I am killing the fall vibe over on my Instagram and it's all thanks to Pinterest. I use pinterest every single day because it's one of the best places to get inspiration. All of my boards are very organized basically because I'll go crazy if they aren't. Nothing worse than searching for something particular and having to scroll through thousands of pins.

If you want to gain more followers, then I recommend pinning quite a few times throughout the day. Keep a consistent theme of photos! For example, my theme is dark, moody, and boho. If you're posting the same sort of things, people will know what to expect from you! I also recommend organizing your boards like I mentioned above. If someone wants to see your pins about vegan recipes, but you're posting meat recipes on the same board, it can be really frustrating for your follower.

3. Alabama vs Ole Miss
Last Saturday (with a kick-off time of 8 pm -- yikes), the Crimson Tide took on Ole Miss. I was definitely not disappointed by the score. Especially since my freshman year, I had to watch us lose to them. I guess it's like they say, what goes around, comes around. P.S. it was 66 - 3!

Although the SEC sucks this season...and kind of every looks like Auburn is probably going to be our most difficult game in conference. Who would have thought I'd be saying that? I'm so excited to watch us play A&M this weekend though! A lot of my friends go there and there's nothing better than being able to brag about our win over them. That's what sports are about, right?

4. Midterm Week
This is always the worst week of the entire semester. More so than finals week. Because all of your classes are at different points, some of the classes are giving tests while others you're still learning. It seems like all my teachers decided to give a midterm on the same week this year though. Usually, I'm lucky enough that they're spread out over two weeks.

But nope, I had 3 test this week. It was a little overwhelming and it can be really hard to figure out how to study. But I'm proud to say I absolutely rocked it! I have a feeling this is going to be one of my best semesters yet.

5. Show Me Your Mumu Fall Collection
I'm addicted to SMYM. Every single time they release new prints, I find myself pinning them to my shopping list board on pinterest. Although they're a little on the pricey side, I don't mind spending the extra bucks because all of their clothing is made in the USA. Plus I get a lot of wear out of all my pieces that I own. I've even purchased some retired prints on Poshmark, and they're still in amazing condition! I thought I would share some of my favorite pieces from their new fall line. I'm all about flare jeans, flowy tops, and comfy sweaters. I'm sure you'll be able to tell once you take a peek at my picks.

Hope you had a great week, friends. Enjoy your weekend! You deserve it!


  1. Pinterest is always of crucial importance. I love creating new boards and could spend hours just scroooolling.

    1. I seriously spend so much time on there every day! I have no clue why it's so fun haha!