My Updated Skincare Routine

Hey y'all!

Last year, I did a post titled 'How I Got Rid of My Acne & How You Can Too!'  and it seemed to be something that a lot of people could relate to.   Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person struggling with acne, especially while in college when most people are over that stage of their life.   It can be a little discouraging when everyone else around you has 'perfect' skin, but you're stuck with scarring and occasional flare-ups. So yes, I still get breakouts even though I'm almost twenty years old,  but I'm here to update you on what I currently do to help my skin stay as clear as possible!

Philosophy "Purity" Cleanser
Clarisonic Mia 2 - (c/o Clarisonic and Her Campus Media)
Burt's Bees Acne Toner
Younique Brilliant Moisturizing Gel (no longer sold) // Clinique "Dramatically Different" Moisturizer

In the shower, I use my Clarisonic with a medium sized dot of Philosophy cleanser. I love this device because not only is it waterproof, but it's so easy to use! As someone who has sensitive skin, I feel like the sonic cleansing is gentle on my skin, but I still feel like my face is thoroughly cleansed. 

Once I get out of the shower, I use my Burt's Bees Acne Toner. I recently picked this up on a whim while at Target and I didn't think I would love it as much as I do! In the past, I've skipped out on a toner because it burned my sensitive skin. But this product is gentle, and I still feel like it's doing the job. I actually really like the smell of it too!

Lastly, I go in with my moisturizer by Younique, which they no longer make, unfortunately. So once I run out of this, I plan on going back to using my Clinique moisturizer. I personally don't like anything that's too heavy, because it makes my face feel gross.

Once or twice a week, I like to go in and use my Clarisonic Deep Pore Minimizing Clay Detoxifying Mask. I feel like it helps pull all of the blackheads and overall 'gunk' out of my pores. It leaves my skin feeling super clean which I love!

Above is a picture of my skin after using these products for a few weeks. As you can see, no active breakouts!! (insert cheering emoji!!!) I'm really happy with how my skin looks and I hope to see a continued improvement. I love my Clarisonic device and would recommend it to anyone! It's a great idea for a Christmas gift. If you want to purchase one of these for yourself or even for someone else, use the code HERCAMPUS for 15% off (ends 10/31/16).

This post is sponsored by Clarisonic and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make texasweettea possible!

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