6 Relationship Questions Answered by a Long-distance Couple

Hey y'all!

I've wanted to do a post about my long-distance relationship for a while, but I couldn't really think of what exactly to write about. So thanks to our friend Ian, he wrote us a list of questions to answer! S is for Sarah aka me, and the M is for Michael aka my boyfriend!

What motivates you to stay confident and never give up in your relationship?
S: Knowing that Michael loves and supports me in every single choice that I make really helps me get through the hard times.

M:  Looking forward to the next time we see each other. It's hard being away from each other but looking forward to the future when it won't be an issue anymore helps make it easier for the time being.

What kinds of challenges have you had to overcome?
S: Whenever one of us is sad or sick, it's hard to not be there to comfort them. And sometimes people aren't supportive of our relationship. It hurts but I have to remind myself that it's not their relationship, it's mine. So if I'm happy, that's all that matters.

M: For me, the biggest challenge is the distance. Knowing that other people get to spend time with Sarah while I am stuck miles away missing her can be hard. Both of us can be protective and learning to trust each other and not get upset is a challenge that isn't easy to overcome.

What advice would you give those also in a long distance relationship?
S: It's honestly so worth it. I know it isn't for everyone but I promise it is worth it. Not to sound cheesy but it's true that when you love someone, no distance is too far.

M: Stay strong and remember why you are in a relationship with that person.   Don't let the small things get you down and try to remember the big picture. Spend time on skype together and come up with fun ways to communicate that make the distance seem like a small obstacle.

What personal growth have you recognized while in your relationship?
S: I have become a much more patient person. My parents have also noted that I have become a kinder and more confident young woman. Michael pushes me to do what I love and tells me to not worry about what other people think.

M: I've become a more caring person.   Being with the person you love makes things that used to seem like chores rewarding and fun. I've also developed more patience. Waiting to see Sarah can be hard, but the payoff is so worth it that it helps remind me to be patient.

Other than your significant other, who has been your biggest supporter(s)/motivator(s)
S: My mom, definitely. She loves Michael! She continuously tells me that she will be extremely surprised if we don't end up getting married. It makes me happy that my family loves him almost as much as I do.

M: My family has been very supportive of our relationship, even before meeting her.   They want me to be happy and they know that Sarah is good for me.

What accomplishments are you proud of in your relationship?
S: I'm proud that we have been able to handle two years of long-distance. It has been very hard but it will all be worth it.

M: Being together for over 2 years is a huge accomplishment, especially considering we only see each other every 2-3 months usually.   I think staying committed and together while we are both at college is an accomplishment and moving in together this summer will be the next big step.

I hope that these provide some insight to what it's like for us (and for other long-distance couples). I think that there is a lot of judgement surrounding these types of relationships when they are honestly just like any other relationship.


  1. Long distance can be so hard! I only do it occasionally when my husband is deployed and that's when having a strong support system becomes super important. Best of luck to you both!

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