A Peek Inside of My Freshman Year Dorm Room

 Hey y'all!

This post has been frequently requested ever since I moved into my dorm. But believe it or not, it takes quite a bit of time to get settled. Now halfway through my freshman year, I am finally ready to show y'all what my dorm room looks like!

I went with a pink, gold, navy and white theme. Honestly, most of my friends did the exact same colors! My very Pinterest-y mother made me this blue and white polka dot headboard! It was super easy! Although I would LOVE to tell y'all where I got my pillows from, unfortunately, I can't. My friend's mother is an interior designer and handpicked these out for me. ( Same goes for the acrylic and gold striped lamp! )

For some more ideas on how to make your dorm feel like a home away from home, check out my blog post!

If you have any questions in particular about where something was purchased, leave a comment down below or shoot me an email!


  1. Girl your dorm room looks so cute!! Trying to think back to my college days and all I can remember is kitten posters and a lot of glitter. So embarrassing!

  2. What a great room! I had a black, white and pink room back in 2008 with lots of damask patterns.

    Jess at Just Jess

  3. I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm a Texas girl planning to attend ua in the fall! where is your dorm? I'm trying to figure out the best place to stay and I have my eye on presidential! thanks for all the helpful posts!

    1. Yes! I live in Presidential Village. Definitely try to live on the upper floors and get room A or D (they're the biggest).

  4. Love this room! too cute :-) your roommates are so lucky to have an interior designer living with them omg

  5. I loveeee your dorm! Of course this was fresh year, but definitely brings back memories of me going into my first-year dorm. College is already flying by!

    Ashley | The Honey Scoop

  6. Very nice... thank you for the great ideas as my daughter leaves in just a few weeks !