Southern Girl Prep Giveaway

Hey y'all!

If you are following me on Instagram, you would have seen this perfectly southern girl post.

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The company who created and sells this adorable tee, Southern Girl Prep, hopes to "represent the best of Southern girls who love their sweet tea, monograms, cowboy boots, pearls & bows"! Doesn't this just sound like a match made in absolute heaven?!?

But actually, could this shirt be any more perfect? The renowned LL Bean Duck boots (that seem to be back ordered for years) and American pride. It's the perfect combination for any preppy girl.

I am a firm believer that a girl can never own too many long sleeve tees. Especially navy blue colored. And especially if they have sassy little sayings. One of the best color combinations in history is definitely pink and navy. So this tee really hits a home run in my book!

So for those of you swooning over this collection as much as I was (and still am..), Southern Girl Prep and I have decided to do a little giveaway for my readers!

By completing the raffle below, you will be entered to win this southern girl prep koozie, as well as a bundle of stickers! In order to win, you must be following me on bloglovin'. To receive extra entries, all you have to do is follow me on twitter or leave a comment on this post about your favorite Southern Girl Prep item and why you want to win!


  1. I absolutely LOVE SGP. That koozie is adorable, hope it finds a good home!

    1. My favorite sticker is the dixie cup one. SO CUTE.

  2. I am so obsessed with all of this merch! I absolutely adore the Dixie cup sticker (good choice Rachel :P ) I need help growing my sticker collection and a girl can never have enough koozies!

  3. Loving the Koozie - just what I need for Scottish Summer Time :) x

  4. Agree with Julia, I loveeee the dixie cup sticker. PLUS that pic was taken in my backyard

  5. Love SGP! I can agree with the other girl's when I say that dixie cup sticker is amazing!! I would love to add this to my sticker collection on my laptop lol... Hope I win! :) (fingers crossed, cause there is no emoji for it :( boo)

  6. Hello! Out of the variety of stickers, the one I liked the most was the original sgp logo. I have the biggest desire to win this raffle because I have just gotten into the preppy style and SGP has been my favorite preppy brand.

  7. I love all of this and the koozie. I absolutely adore the boots sticker!! I would love to get this for my cousin she is so sweet and she really wants a stickers so bad and she loves the company. So. Much. And I love her. So it would be amazing if I won so I could give my cousin her first sticker.

  8. I love the duck boots sticker! My daughter and I both love preppy stickers- she would probably love to put these on her binders at school or up on her magnet board with the others! So I'd love to win for her!
    Erika W.

  9. Hard to choose a favorite item but one of the ones I like the most are the sgp shirts. I really want to win this raffle because I don't own anything preppy because my mom thinks most of the brands are expensive!