Five Easy Tips on How to Relax

Hey y'all!

Back to school is usually a stressful time for everyone. I actually have just begun my senior year of high-school, and although my classes may not be super challenging, applying for colleges/scholarships can really stress a girl out. So I figured, why not share with my readers a few ways that I relax when my mind is on overload?

1. Create a "zen zone"- A designated clutter-free, quiet space where you can go to just think is surprisingly helpful. Sometimes having an area all to yourself is just necessary.

2. Get organized - This can also go along with number one. Whether it be clearing out your desk, closet or even old school folders, organization can help you keep on top of things. It makes it a lot more simple to follow tasks and assignments. TIP: try buying an agenda or desk calendar to mark important dates!

3. Exercise - By exercise, I don't mean you have to do a full cross fit circuit or even a marathon (unless that's what you're into, then by all means, go ahead!). Yoga, stretching, and even just dancing around your room to your favorite songs are fun examples. 

4. Try a few breathing techniques - Here are three simple examples that you can do at home! It is surprising at how calming this is.

5. Sip on some green tea - Unless you've been living under a rock, everyone knows the simple health benefits of drinking green tea. Not only does it taste delicious and mellow you out, but it helps fight skin impurities all at the same time. (Bonus points if it's from Panera!)

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