Common Hair Myths

Hey y'all!

Lately while doing my typical pinterest search, people that I follow have been pinning 'DIY' hair masks. Now, I am all for 'do-it-yourself' type projects, especially when it comes to beauty. But the egg and honey mask that is claiming to "make your hair grow 10x faster" isn't actually going to make a difference.

I'm currently a cosmetology student at my high school. And I have learned quite a bit about hair this year. So now, why not pass on the knowledge? You may be surprised at what you learn.


  • "This mask will make your hair grow faster!" - Depressing to know, but nothing truly makes your hair grow faster. Using protein shampoos can help thicken hair but do not overuse because it can make your hair feel brittle and coarse.
  • "If you pull a gray hair, three more will sprout out." - This is silly. There is no need for an explanation, it simply isn't true.
  • "Getting a haircut will make your hair grow longer" - Not necessarily longer, but your hair will be a lot healthier! By getting a haircut every six weeks, your split or damaged hair is trimmed off. That's the hair that is more likely to break off. So technically, your hair will be 'longer'.
  • "Showering every day will get rid of greasy hair." - Greasy hair is caused by the oil glands creating too much sebum (oil). By showering constantly, especially when using extremely hot water, it causes your skin to lose moisture. Therefore your glands kick in and make up for the lack of moisture with more oil. As hard is it may be at first, try to start showering every other day or use a shower cap if you absolutely must shower.


  • Hair grows faster during the Spring and Summer months. - That's why getting a dramatic (but sometimes much needed) chop off of the split and damaged hair isn't so bad at the end of the school year.
  • Dandruff shampoos strip color out of dyed hair. - This can be helpful when trying to remove color, but not so helpful when you're trying to maintain the perfect shade. 
  • Combing wet hair causes more damage. - Wet hair has less elasticity, so by pulling on it when it's wet, it causes more breakage.

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