March 16, 2017

Vegan Grocery List Staples + Free Printable

Hey y'all!

I think a lot of people have the mindset that vegans only eat kale. That couldn't be further from the truth. I still get to enjoy things like cookies, popcorn and most importantly, ice cream. It's all about looking at ingredients! Once you learn how to read a label, it's easy.

This is a simple list of things that I always like to have in my kitchen. This list has everything a vegan could need to snack on! Some healthy and some not-so-healthy!! I linked the particular brands that are vegan, but like I said, always be sure to check the label. 

  • apples
  • avocado
  • bananas
  • carrots
  • celery
  • cucumber
  • pears
  • potatoes (I always have these on hand for a quick meal!)
  • spinach / mixed greens
  • strawberries





I hope this sparked some ideas! Being a college student and a vegan can be a little difficult when you get home from classes at 6 pm and don't really feel like cooking. Luckily there are so many vegan options on the market. Be sure to check out Peta's accidentally vegan list for more ideas!


March 6, 2017

DIY Choker T-Shirt

Hey y'all!

How cute is this top?! I've had to the idea to DIY this choker-style shirt ever since football season. I saw this type of shirt all over etsy and I knew I could easily do it myself for waaay cheaper.

This only took me about 5 minutes to do, and cost about $6 (thanks to walmart!) All you need is a shirt, a ruler, a pencil and a pair of scissors!

STEP 1 : Start off by making a mark in the middle of your t-shirt. It helps if you put the shirt on so that you can make sure it won't be too low cut and it will also help you find the center!

STEP 2 : Flip the shirt inside out, then use the ruler to line up each side and make sure it's straight. Be mindful of how wide the triangle is, because that's how 'revealing' your shirt will be!

STEP 3 : Use your scissors to cut a small hole in the middle, then cut down each side. Make sure you're only cutting through one half, and be sure to not to cut the neckline so the shirt will have that 'choker' look!  By cutting it while it's inside out, it causes the fabric to roll in the way, so if you're lines aren't perfect, it looks like they are.

It's seriously that easy! I chose to pair mine with a black bralettedistressed denim shorts, but you could honestly dress it up too! I've seen girls on gameday wear these types of tees with faux leather skirtswedges, and it looks adorable.

I can't to wear this next football season, and also to make a few more of these style shirts!


March 1, 2017

Alphabet Date Ideas

Hey y'all!

Date ideas can be hard. And although "Netflix and chill" is fun every now and then, it can get a little boring. That's why I sat down with Michael (the bf, duh) and we made a list of fun date ideas! They range from free to a little pricey, but that's what makes them all so different!

Personally, I want to try out an escape room soon because they look super fun! Plus, Michael and I are both pretty competitive so it would be fun to race the clock!

Be sure to pin this for later, so  you can get inspired for your next fun date!


February 22, 2017

Sophomore Year: What's in my Backpack

Hey y'all!

In a previous post, I mentioned that I wanted to do something about what essentials I keep in my backpack. Well, here it is! I love being able to help out other students because college is definitely trial and error when it comes to finding out the perfect routine. I linked some of my favorite as well!

{ What's in my Backpack? }
  • macbook pro + charger
  • agenda ( read how i organize it here )
  • accordion folder
  • spiral notebook
  • pencil bag

{ What's in my Pencil Bag? }

{ Backpack Essentials }


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