February 22, 2017

Sophomore Year: What's in my Backpack

Hey y'all!

In a previous post, I mentioned that I wanted to do something about what essentials I keep in my backpack. Well, here it is! I love being able to help out other students because college is definitely trial and error when it comes to finding out the perfect routine. I linked some of my favorite as well!

{ What's in my Backpack? }
  • macbook pro + charger
  • agenda ( read how i organize it here )
  • accordion folder
  • spiral notebook
  • pencil bag

{ What's in my Pencil Bag? }

{ Backpack Essentials }


February 13, 2017

The Freshman's Guide to College: Shoe Essentials

Hey y'all!

Shoes are such an important part of any wardrobe and can make or break an outfit. But when moving into a dorm room, minimizing the amount of shoes you have is essential. Since you won't have much space, picking out shoes that can be versatile and comfy is definitely key! I have complied a list of shoes that work for every occasion. I personally own almost all of these and highly recommend!


Tennis Shoes: I think this is an obvious one. Walking to class every day, you're going to want something sturdy and comfortable that can withstand muddy grass. Try to get a pair with a neutral color so that you'll be able to match your outfits without conflict. You can't go wrong with a pair of super comfy Asics or basic trendy Nike's.

Sandals: During the nice sunny days, you're not going to want to wear sneakers because of this disgusting thing called SWEATChaco's or Birkenstocks allow for open sandals while still be cute and comfy (seeing a trend yet?).

Rain + snow boots: Rainy days are usually the hardest to dress for. By bringing a pair of Hunter boots or Bean boots, you can avoid ruining your tennis shoes forever. Your roommates + classmates will thank you for not wearing wet dog smelling shoes.


Wedges: I know these aren't on trend everywhere, but a pair of OTBT's will change your life. These wedges are light-weight, extremely comfortable and are simple enough to go with any outfit.

I think every girl owns at least one pair of classic black booties. They're great for summer, winter, and everything in between. Of course you'd be crazy to not bring them along to college with you. Definitely a staple piece.


Whether you're going to a darty or a basketball game, white Converse are always a go-to choice. Just be sure to wash them every now and then to keep them somewhat white!


Be sure to check out my other posts in my "Freshman's Guide to College" series!

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I hope you found this helpful! Feel like I forgot something? Leave it in the comments below!


February 2, 2017

6 Vegans You Need to Watch on YouTube

Hey y'all!

If you're anything like me, you watch YouTube videos like they're going out of style. I watch anything from vlogs to makeup tutorials. And believe it or not, there are plenty of vegan (or plant-based eaters) to watch! Below I have linked a few of my favorites.

For Fashion & Lifestyle Videos :

Tori Sterling //  click the link to see her "how to be vegan" video

Mel Joy

For Recipes :

Liv's Healthy Life

Cheap Lazy Vegan

→ Tess Begg

For Miscellaneous :

→ Nina and Randa


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