August 6, 2014

Beach Bag Essentials

What's in my beach bag?

Hey y'all!

Summer is sadly coming to an end soon. But my family is taking advantage of it by sneaking in a beach vacation! So I figured why not share with my readers what I have in my beach bag?

I like to use my Longchamp Le Pliage tote in size medium to carry all of my items. Not only does it hold up against the sand and salt water, but it's easy to clean and holds A TON. Of course, I take an oversized tshirt to use as a cover up, as well as my bikini and beach towel. (And Jack Rogers, duh)

As for protection from the rays? I take my favorite VV baseball hat, aviator rayban sunglasses, and sunscreen. Water is always important to keep yourself hydrated, but having a cute water bottle helps remind you to drink up! And having your phone and a few magazines doesn't hurt. 

What are your beach essentials? Do you lay out in the sand or splash around in the waves?

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